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Technology News on February 29, 2012

How our brain responds to misleading ads
A number of specific regions of the brain get activated in a two-part process when we are exposed to deceptive advertising, a new study has suggested. ANI

Google offers hackers $1mln to expose Chrome bugs
Internet search giant Google has announced that it would pay up to one million dollars in prizes to hackers who can expose bugs and vulnerabilities in their Chrome browser. ANI

Dophins whistle to greet each other
Bottlenose dolphins have whistles that they use to exclusively greet other members of their species, say marine biologists. ANI

Benign bacterium could be vital tool in fight against HIV
A breakthrough discovery about a little known and harmless bacterium could lead to the development of a vaccine against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). ANI

How brain choreographs eye-arm movement coordination
Neuroscientists have revealed a mechanism in the brain that allows for coordination of eye and arm movements, the finding that may have implications for rehabilitation and prosthetics. ANI

Coming soon, eye-controlled computer games for disabled kids
Scientists at a UK university have found a way to help children who cannot use a mouse or keyboard to play computer games. ANI

Oetzi the Iceman was predisposed to heart disease
Genome analysis of Oetzi the "Iceman" has revealed new clues of what could be described as the world's oldest murder case. ANI

Tomb excavation reveals 'earliest archaeological record of Christians ever found'
Archaeological examination of an intact first century tomb in Jerusalem has revealed a set of limestone Jewish ossuaries or "bone boxes" that are engraved with a rare Greek inscription and a unique iconographic image that the scholars involved identify as distinctly Christian. ANI

Doubts cast over sperm's 'Lily of the Valley' phenomenon
Some scientists have quashed the illusive "Lily of the Valley phenomenon" - born as a result of a discovery that sperm act as swimming olfactory cells which follow a "scent trail" laid by the egg - as a laboratory artefact. ANI

Maintaining brain's sugar levels may help cure Alzheimer's
Slowing or preventing the development of Alzheimer's disease could be as simple as ensuring that the supply of brain protein's sugar levels are maintained, a new study has suggested. ANI

Tesco's virtual fitting room on Facebook to let you 'try before you buy'
A British multinational general merchandise retailer is using a technology that allows people to create 3D digital versions of themselves from a photograph uploaded on to its F and F virtual fitting room page. ANI

First 8-photon Schrodinger's cat born
A group of physicists in China has managed to entangle eight photons in the so-called Schrodinger's cat state for the first time, breaking the previous six-photon world record set up by the same group in 2007. ANI

Discontinuing hormone therapy may help breast cancer to regress
Quitting hormone therapy may lead to decline in new breast cancer rates, researchers say. ANI

Secret behind T. rex's killer smile revealed
One of the most prominent features of Tyrannosaurus rex, the giant meat-eating dinosaur, is its fearsome array of flesh-ripping, bone-crushing teeth.ut most researchers only noted the varying size of its teeth when they studied the carnivore's smile. ANI

T. rex dinosaur's bite stronger than any other animals on earth
Tyrannosaurus rex, the largest meat-eating dinosaur, had the most powerful bite of any living or extinct terrestrial animal, scientists have revealed. ANI

Apple expected to unveil iPad 3 in March 7 event
Apple has started sending out invites for an event next week at which the tech giant is likely to unveil its most awaited gadget, the iPad 3. ANI

Soon, mobile phones to project images and movies on wall
Mobile phones presently available in the market can help users view high quality images and video, but the phones' small size sets insurmountable limits on screen size, and thus the viewing experience. ANI

Roses smell better with open eyes
Next time you smell roses, try doing it with your eyes open to get the best aroma. ANI

Asteroid may 'bombard Earth in 2040'
Scientists have identified an asteroid, which has a one in 625 chance of hitting Earth on February 5, 2040. ANI

Gestational weight gain 'not related to child cognitive development'
A new study has suggested that a child's cognitive development is not generally impacted by how much weight his or her mother gained during pregnancy. ANI

'Lab on a chip' device will help understand malaria better
A University of British Columbia researcher has come out with a simple and accurate device to study malaria - a disease that is increasingly resistant to drugs. ANI

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