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Technology News on February 19, 2012

People with high moral identity likelier to be well behaved
Sociologists have developed a theory of moral behaviour that may help explain why some people behave morally while others do not. ANI

Video games provide new targets for cancer drugs
Scientists have turned to video games to find the cure for cancer. ANI

Digital tools can save languages from extinction: Scientist
Digital technology will help expand the use of endangered languages, a scientist has said. ANI

Web users make first impressions of website in less than a second
It takes web users less than two-tenths of a second to form a first impression on a website, according to a recent eye-tracking research. ANI

NASA probe could confirm 'conditions for life' do exist in Mars
A new NASA probe due to land on Mars' surface in August is set to prove for the first time that methane clouds form over the surface of the planet in summer months - meaning the conditions for life unquestionably exist. ANI

Now, gloves that can sing with you
Scientists have designed a pair of musical gloves that can sing a duet with you, but you have to wave your hand to let your unusual partner croon. ANI

Brain scans can reveal 'you're in love' and predict 'if your relationship will last'
When you're in love, you might hide it from your friends and family, but you can't hide it from neuroscientists. ANI

Zapping brain with magnetic pulses 'may prune bad wiring'
Exposing the brain to weak magnetic pulses removes unwanted neural connection in mice, and this can be used for treating conditions associated with abnormal neural circuitry like schizophrenia in humans, a new study has claimed. ANI

Soon, steamy app to let long-distance couples send out good vibrations
An interesting new mobile phone application that lets long-distance couples control the vibration on each other's phones has been approved by Apple's App Store. ANI

Early puzzle play can help boost math-related skills in kids
Engaging children in puzzle play can help in the development of spatial skills, which has implication for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers later in their life, say experts. ANI

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