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Technology News on February 18, 2012

Mathematical model of calcium activity within heart cells found
A breakthrough in the study of the human heart has taken scientists into a world of cell activity currently beyond the scope of imaging technology. ANI

New software assigns appropriate melodies for pictures
Scientists have developed a new software called Picasso that can help users in assigning appropriate background music for pictures in an instant, by utilizing the technical skills of movie directors. ANI

Astronomer believes elusive 'Wow!' signal came from space lighthouse
An astronomer believes that the 'Wow!' signal received three decades ago, which is believed by many to be proof of alien life, may have come from an interstellar 'lighthouse'. ANI

Now, dating app that connects singles within 100 miles
A mobile app links single men and women within 100 miles and helps them to get together. ANI

Increasing climate warming may put food security at risk
Climate warming caused by greenhouse gases is very likely to increase the variability of summertime temperatures around the world by the end of this century, which will have serious effects in food production, claims a University of Washington scientist. ANI

New network to prevent loss of anonymity and online identity
Researchers have devised a new type of network that allows users to be authenticated without relying on unique identities. ANI

Inability to carry out different movements with separate hands is genetic
Congenital mirror movement, which is the inability to carry out different movements with separate hands, is a rare disease transmitted from one generation to another by dominant inheritance, a new study has found. ANI

How salt is released from crisps into the mouth
Food scientists have found a way of measuring how we register the saltiness of crisps, which could lead to new ways of producing healthier crisps without losing any of the taste. ANI

Hubble finds cluster of blue stars around 'massive' black hole in cannibal galaxy
Astronomers have found possible evidence for a cluster of young, blue stars encircling one of the first intermediate-mass black holes ever discovered, thanks to NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. ANI

Now, robot with artistic genius that sketches portraits
Researchers are all set to present an artistic robot, whose genius emerges if someone takes a seat on the model's stool positioned in front of it. ANI

World's most expensive telescope may reveal origin of planets, Earth's oceans
Scientists hope that the world's most expensive ground-based telescope, the 1.3-billion-dollar ALMA array high in the Chilean Andes, will unravel how planets form, and could solve the mystery of where Earth's oceans came from. ANI

Babies 'talk, joke and take care of each other'
Even though babies are too young to talk, they know how to be good friends, make jokes and take care of each other, a new research has revealed. ANI

Building blocks of early Earth survived massive collision
Washington, Feb 18 : Latest findings have shown that some portions of the Earth's mantle were formed when the planet was much smaller than it is now. ANI

Scientists hope man-made photosynthesis aids food, energy production
Washington, Feb 18 : Scientists from the UK and US are working to engineer or enhance photosynthesis to benefit food and fuel production. ANI

New Facebook feature tells you whom to tag along when you go out
London, Feb 18 : A creepy new Facebook feature now offers "suggested guests" to invite along for nights out and other events that are planned through the site. ANI

Nasty 'superbug' causes serious, life-threatening infections in healthy people
Washington, Feb 18 : A new, under-recognized, much more potent variant of a common bacterium has begun causing community-acquired infection in young, healthy individuals in the U.S. for the past 10 to 15 years, say scientists. ANI

Soon, braille-like texting app to let you type on your phone without looking
Researchers have built a prototype application for touch-screen mobile devices that is vying to be a complete solution for texting without the need to look at a mobile gadget's screen. ANI

Even mild dehydration 'can alter your mood'
Even mild dehydration can alter a person's mood, energy level, and ability to think clearly, two new studies have claimed. ANI

Even babies know what's fair and what's not
Children acquire sense of fairness before they're 2, according to researchers. ANI

Deadly bird flu studies to be kept secret for now over fear of bioterrorism risks
World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that two studies showing how scientists mutated the H5N1 bird flu virus into a form that could cause a deadly human pandemic will be published only after experts fully assess the risks. ANI

Google bypassed Apple's privacy settings to track web-browsing habits of iPhone users
Google has come under fire after it emerged that the Internet search giant tracked the web-browsing habits of millions of iPhone users without their consent by bypassing privacy settings built into Apple's Safari web browser. ANI

Maternal depression can delay infant language development
Environmental influences such as maternal depression or a bilingual upbringing can affect the timing of language development in babies, according to a new study. ANI

Phytoplankton crucial to healthy planet
Marine phytoplankton - the tiny, single-celled algae, which act as a natural sponge for carbon dioxide and are a critical part of the global carbon cycle - may play a key role in ensuring the health of the planet, say a Canadian scientist. ANI

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