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Technology News on February 17, 2012

How nerves control blood pressure and breathing

Now, 'roaming' mobile robot that maps unknown territory
Researchers have come up with a mobile robot that can roam uncharted terrain and at the same time map it - all thanks to an algorithm toolbox. ANI

Stonehenge may have been inspired by 'sound illusion'
Stonehenge, it is said, marks an ancient burial site, forms an astronomical calendar and is even considered as a monument to the fertility gods. ANI

Birds in dicey climates more vulnerable to marital infidelity
Birds are more inclined towards straying away from their mates, when the weather is severe or uncertain, a new study has suggested. ANI

Soon, high-tech toothbrush to track your brushing habits
Beam Technologies plans to release the Beam toothbrush, which is a non-motorised toothbrush that connects to Android devices via a built-in Bluetooth, in March. ANI

Apple announces unveiling of new operating system Mountain Lion
Apple has announced that its new operating system, the Mountain Lion will be available to users from late summer 2012. ANI

How boozing ups survival rate of fruit flies
Fruit flies infected with a blood-borne parasite consume alcohol to self-medicate, a behaviour that significantly increases their survival rate, a new study has revealed. ANI

Now, Facebook to verify celebrity accounts, allow pseudonyms
Following the lead of Twitter and Google+, social network site Facebook is verifying the user accounts and allowing for pseudonyms. ANI

Flame retardant may be behind social, behavioural and learning deficits
Researchers have shed light on how interaction between epigenetics and genetics and exposure to a flame retardant leads to neurodevelopmental deficits like reduced sociability and learning. ANI

How tumours flip 'on-off' signals to promote or suppress breast cancer
Signals can instruct cells to act cancerous, surviving, growing and reproducing out of control. ANI

Hackers can track location of cell phone users without their knowledge
Cellular networks reveal the locations of mobile phone users, allowing a third party to easily track the location of the subscribers without their knowledge, a new study has revealed. ANI

Gecko Feet inspires adhesive as sticky as spider man!
For years, biologists have been astonished by the power of gecko feet, which let these 5-ounce lizards produce an adhesive force almost equivalent to carrying nine pounds up a wall without slipping. ANI

'Body clock' governs highs and lows of immune response
The success of host immune defense depends in part on an organism's 'body clock', a new study has revealed. ANI

'Honeycombs' and Hexacopters may help explain history of Mars
In a rough-and-tumble wonderland of plunging canyons and towering buttes, some of the still-raw bluffs are studded with elevated, six-sided stone columns so orderly and trim that they could almost pass as relics of a gigantic temple. ANI

Merely 40 hours of video gaming 'can cure cataracts'
40 hours of fast-paced action gaming could improve the vision of people born with cataracts, a new study has claimed. ANI

Mother of pearl may tell tale of ancient environments
Nacre, which is also known as mother of pearl, is one of nature's amazing utilitarian materials. ANI

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