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Technology News on February 13, 2012

Google aims to move 'whole web forward' by launching Chrome for Android mobiles
Internet search giant Google has announced that it is launching the popular Chrome Web browser for phones and tablets running its Android operating system. ANI

Soon, touchscreen that works inside your pockets too
Researchers have developed a prototype for a touchscreen that can allow its users to send text messages even when it is kept inside a jacket or pants pocket. ANI

Now, look inside a battery without destroying it!
Researchers including one of Indian origin have come up with a new methodology, based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to examine batteries from inside without destroying them. ANI

Oz woman 'growing' world's first bionic leg
Marny Cringle, who lost her leg after falling beneath a train on the London Tube in December 1996, has been chosen for a remarkable bionic leg that will fuse on to living muscles and bones to become a natural extension of her body. ANI

Tidal heating may leave some alien planets waterless
Some exoplanets may experience powerful tidal forces, which could strip them of water completely, thus leaving behind hot, dry worlds like Venus, a new study has revealed. ANI

Video games stimulate 'more creativity than reading'
Contrary to popular belief, playing video games entails much more creative input as compared to reading books or watching movies, a leading playwright has claimed. ANI

GM tobacco plants can fight drug-resistant malaria
Israeli scientists have developed genetically altered tobacco plants, which contain a natural compound that can fight drug-resistant malaria. ANI

How protein protects immune cells from HIV infection
Researchers have discovered a mechanism by which the immune system tries to halt the spread of HIV. ANI

Molecular secrets of ancient Chinese herbal remedy discovered
Chinese herbalists have been using a root extract, commonly known as Chang Shan, from a type of hydrangea that grows in Tibet and Nepal, to treat Malaria for roughly two thousand years. ANI

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