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Technology News on February 12, 2012

New super bullet could end guerrilla warfare
A US firm has come up with a bullet that could give soldiers the upper hand while dealing with guerrilla warfare. ANI

Spirit of childhood 'on decline'
The spirit of childhood - that is, the chance for children and adults alike to enjoy simple, carefree moments - is at risk, suggest results of a new global report. ANI

When feather really took flight
The molecular structure of the modern feather began to take form some 125 million years ago - more recently than once thought. ANI

Brain cells created from human skin
British scientists have for the first time generated crucial types of human brain cells in the laboratory by reprogramming skin cells, which they say could speed up the hunt for new treatments for conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and stroke. ANI

YouTube invents algorithm for determining most amusing video
YouTube, the world's most popular video-sharing website, has created an algorithm for determining what videos are funniest based on the intensity of viewer comments. ANI

Now, horizontal shower that washes you while you are lying down
For most of us, it's a daunting task to get out of bed and into the shower in the morning. ANI

Distraction reduces pain
Distracting yourself from pain can actually help you hurt less, suggest experts. ANI

Love hormone helps new mums combat fear
Researchers have found what makes new moms feel less fear in frightening situations. ANI

New system could eventually 'eliminate' batteries
Researchers at the University of Bedfordshire have developed a new technique for powering electronic devices, which they claim could eventually eliminate the need for conventional batteries. ANI

60pc people 'can't live without their smartphones'
In a recently conducted survey, 60 percent of the people admitted that they could not live without their smartphone. ANI

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