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CERN finds Higgs boson like particle

July 4, 2012 - Geneva

The scientists at CERN finally discovered a particle that comes close to proving a decade-old theory in Physics explaining the origins of matter. At a seminar held at the CERN headquarters in Geneva, CERN spokesman Joe Incandela said that they discovered the heaviest boson ever found. Though, the CERN did not claim that the particle found is the Higgs boson, the breakthrough will however bring people closer to understanding unseen parts of the universe. The observed particle strongly resembles the Higgs boson or God particle, which is the final missing part of the Standard Model.

Speaking at the conference, Director of CERN Rolf-Diter Heuer said that it will take three to four years to fully examine the characteristics and properties of the observed particle.

Standard Model

The Standard Model is a theory explaining how the universe is built and its existence. The particle found is key to this theory. The Standard Model was thought of and expanded in the second half of the 20th century. It was finalized in the mid 1970s after the existence of quarks were proved. Discoveries of bottom quarks, top quarks and tau neutrino have further strengthened the Standard Model.

Next Steps

The next step is to determine the characteristics of the observed particle. Its nature and significance will be studied which will bring us to a closer understanding of the universe. The properties of the found particle will have to be studied if they are the same as the expected Higgs boson. Whether the particle found was Higgs Boson or not, it is clear that a major step forward was taken to study the fundamental structure of matter.

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