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Technology News on April 8, 2012

9 exoplanets 'may be orbiting Solar System's twin'
A star 127 light-years away, which stunned the world in 2010 by becoming the largest star system beyond our own, playing host to five, possibly seven alien worlds, is back in the headlines as it may actually have nine exoplanets orbiting it. ANI

Multitouch floor shows promise to detect heart attack
A future smart home will require a way to sense who its inhabitants are and what they are doing. ANI

Obese patients 'more exposed to radiation'
Obese individuals could be exposed to higher levels of radiation during routine X-ray and CT scans as most medical imaging equipments are not designed with overweight and obese patients in mind, researchers say. ANI

Mice spend 91 days in space to boost bone protection in astronauts
A group of mice are back on earth after undergoing the longest animal mission in space, which aimed to find a way to prevent breakdown of bones in astronauts. ANI

Our first response tends to be more conservative
When people use low-effort thought, they are perhaps more inclined towards favouring conservative ideology, a new study has revealed. ANI

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