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Technology News on April 6, 2012

Soon, detect breast cancer's fingerprint in droplet of blood
Researchers have come up with a new microfluidics-based microarray technology that could one day radically change how and when cancer is diagnosed. ANI

12-mile-high dust devil captured on Mars
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter last month snapped a dust devil - 12 miles high - thundering across the surface of the red planet. ANI

Your Easter egg may have come from dinosaur
Not all Easter eggs come from the same 'parent' species as a few could be from dinosaurs, including a new species from the Pyrenees, a new study has suggested. ANI

Drug-resistant malaria creating 'critical point' in fight against disease
The emergence of resistance to the drug artemisinin in western Thailand has created a critical point in global efforts to control and eliminate malaria worldwide, a new study has revealed. ANI

Women cannot reverse 'biological clock'
A number of women do not completely realize the consequences of delaying motherhood and expect that assisted reproductive technologies can reverse their aged ovarian function, researchers say. ANI

Large Hadron Collider raises hopes of solving Higgs boson mystery
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which has started operating again after its winter break could be closer to finding a conclusive answer about the existence of the elusive Higgs boson particle. ANI

Now, 'gene chip' to investigate emerging malaria drug resistance
A "gene chip" developed by researchers from the University of Notre Dame's Eck Institute for Global Health may contribute to the identification of malaria drug resistance and help combat the devastating disease. ANI

Pit chains on Mars may provide clues for life on red planet
Recent images from the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft reveal a series of 'pit-chains' on the flanks of one of the largest volcanoes in the Solar System. ANI

Website hacking to continue in China by protesters
Anonymous hackers have claimed that they will continue hacking the Chinese websites in protests against internet censorship in that country. ANI

Drug to control cystic fibrosis 'comes closer to reality'
Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have taken a critical step in making possible the discovery in the relatively near future of a drug to control cystic fibrosis (CF). ANI

Helpline launched for people who have met aliens
A helpline has been opened in the UK for people who have had close encounters with aliens, marking the first of its kind in the country. ANI

Malware infection found in half a million Mac computers
Half a million Apple computers have been found infected with the malware named Flashback Trojan, a Russian anti-virus firm claimed. ANI

Doubts cast over 'no cancer risk for kids using cell phones'
Scientists have raised doubts over a study published last year that did not succeed in finding a link between mobile phone use and brain tumours in children and teens. ANI

Tiny device could allow Stephen Hawking to speak by reading his thoughts
Professor Stephen Hawking is testing a tiny - two penny-sized - device that could allow him to 'speak again' - reading his thoughts directly from his brain. ANI

Birth defect causes 'unlocked'
Researchers have long suspected that genes or environmental factors play a role in causing birth defects. ANI

Molecule regrowing damaged cartilage 'may be new hope for arthritis cure'
In a new study, scientists have discovered a molecule that can "regrow" damaged cartilage, which has offered hope to millions of people crippled by arthritis. ANI

Google search behaviour 'follows GDP'
Web users from countries with a higher per capita gross domestic product (GDP) tend to search for information about the future than past, a new study has revealed. ANI

Google CEO Larry Page defends privacy policy in letter
Google CEO Larry Page has marked his first year on the job with a letter setting out his vision for the future. ANI

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