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Technology News on April 4, 2012

Woolly mammoth with 'strawberry-blonde hair' discovered in Siberia
The body of an "exquisitely preserved" young woolly mammoth, which had "strawberry-blonde" hair, has been found in a frozen cliff in Siberia. ANI

Glass made in absence of gravity to be produced in space
A US researcher has joined hands with the United States Air Force to fund world-first research into the development of ZBLAN glass. ANI

Possible Shakespeare signature reconstructed with hi tech photography
A scribble saying 'Wm Shakespeare' scrawled across the title page of an old book has been revealed with the help of new technology. ANI

Potential target to lower risk of high blood pressure identified
University of Southampton scientists have discovered a new process that controls the ability of arteries to regulate blood pressure. ANI

Bilingual kids better at multitasking than single language speakers
Children who grow up learning to speak two languages are better at switching between tasks than children who learn to speak only one language, according to a study. ANI

Older mums likelier to have twins
Women who wait until their 30s to get pregnant are more likely to have twins, researchers say. ANI

New measurement may alter history of early solar system
The early days of our solar system might look quite different than earlier thought, according to a new research. ANI

Adaptation to new environments may involve 'many-small' genes
A present debate raging in evolutionary biology is about whether adaptation to new environments is a consequence of many genes, each of relatively small effect, or just a few genes of large effect. ANI

Removing 'good cholesterol' receptor may help fight breast cancer
Eliminating a lipoprotein receptor known as SR-BI could reduce cancer cell and tumour growth, according to a new study. ANI

Point when negative thoughts turn into depression identified
Researchers have come up with a brief 8-item survey to help healthcare providers identify depressive thinking patterns that may lead to serious depression if not identified and addressed early. ANI

Taller women more prone to ovarian cancer
Increasing height and increased body mass index are risk factors for developing ovarian cancer, a new study has suggested. ANI

New drug turns off 'go' switch in prostate cancer cells and halts disease
A new drug prevents human prostate cancer cells from spreading to other tissues without any toxic effects to normal cells or tissues by turning off the "go" switch in the cancer cells and immobilizing them. ANI

Being ignored online hurts as much as face-to-face rejection
Those who are excluded by others online, such as on Facebook, may feel just as bad as if they had been excluded in person. ANI

How cancer drug causes diabetic-like symptoms
Scientists have discovered why some patients who are given rapamycin, an immune-suppressant drug that also has shown anti-cancer activity and may even slow ageing, develop diabetic-like symptoms. ANI

Talking plants 'click' to communicate with each other
Researchers have uncovered plants that respond to sound and 'click' to converse with each other. ANI

Brains of obese and anorexic people 'wired differently'
Our brains' response to food varies across a spectrum of eating behaviours- from extreme overeating to food deprivation, a new study has revealed. ANI

Google to create virtual tour of world's top galleries
Google has adapted its Street View technology to map galleries and museums around the world so that people can take free virtual tours online. ANI

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