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Technology News on April 30, 2012

Google Drive's terms of use 'allows US authorities to access your data'
Search giant Google's new consumer service that allows users to store photos, videos, and other digital files in the Internet 'cloud', could allow US law enforcement agencies to access your data, without your knowledge and without the need for a warrant, an expert has claimed ANI

Chinese scientists turn kitchen waste into fuel
Researchers in east China's Zhejiang Province are working on a project that aims to convert kitchen waste into biofuel. ANI

Photographs of new Blackberry smartphone surface
Photographs of a new Blackberry device have emerged on the Crackberry forum, ahead of the Blackberry world event in the United States. ANI

'Middle-ear' microphone may make cochlear implants more convenient
Cochlear implants have restored basic hearing to around 220,000 deaf people, still a microphone and related electronics must be worn outside the head, raising reliability issues, preventing patients from swimming and creating social stigma. ANI

Sun's twin may be home to 9 alien planets
A sun-like star, which is already known to host five alien planets, may actually have nine full-fledged worlds, according to a new study. ANI

Doubts cast over theory on how tigers get their stripes
Researchers have challenged a decades-old explanation for how tigers get their stripes. ANI

New self-cleaning glass could help prevent fogging and glare
Researchers have come up with a new self-cleaning glass that is able to resist fogging and glare effects. ANI

Wind farms 'may cause climate change'
In a new study, that shows for the first time that wind farms are already pushing up temperatures, scientists have revealed that this new technology can cause climate change. ANI

Rare earth elements finally getting recycled
A multinational automobiles manufacturer has announced plans to create what it's calling world's first mass-production process for recycling rare earth metals - crucial electric vehicle battery materials - on a large scale. ANI

Techno-addicts 'go up to 48 hours without speaking to another human'
Technology-addicts often go 48 hours without talking to anyone in person, according to a new study. ANI

'iPavement' brings Wi-Fi under your feet
A Spanish tech company has come up with sidewalk paving stones, dubbed iPavement, that are Wi-Fi hotspots. ANI

Silicene may steal spotlight from graphene to become new 'star' material
Researchers have come up with the first sheet of single-atom thick silicon - dubbed silicene - which shows promise to replace wonder material graphene. ANI

Why some teens begin smoking and experiment with drugs
Researchers have discovered a number of previously unknown networks in the brain, which go a long way towards explaining why some teenagers are more vulnerable to start trying out drugs and alcohol -while others don't. ANI

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