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Technology News on April 27, 2012

Perception of pain 'may make it even more worse'
Feeling sad or watching while receiving an injection may make pain an even more unpleasant experience, a pair of studies have claimed. ANI

'Snail-like' lava flows discovered on Mars for first time
A US researcher has spotted lava flows on Mars that reveal coiling spiral patterns, which resemble snail or nautilus shells. ANI

Gene 'switch' may regenerate damaged heart cells
Researchers have for the first time converted scar tissue that forms after a heart attack into regenerated heart muscle using microRNA. ANI

Soon, 'magic bullet' that floats around in midair but won't kill you
The US army has proposed the idea of a 'magic bullet', which will hang around in the air waiting for its target. ANI

World's glaciers 'losing 40pc of their volume'
The Earth's glaciers are seriously out of balance with the global climate and are already on their way to losing almost 40 percent of their volume, a new study has revealed. ANI

Now, Google offers 15,000 3D 'photo tours' of world landmarks
Google has created 15,000 free 'photo tours' of world landmarks, which create a '3D' scene from tourist photographs. ANI

Manipulating heart-specific gene pathway may help treat obesity, diabetes
Scientists have demonstrated for the first time that the heart can regulate energy balance throughout the body, a finding that may lead to effective treatments for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. ANI

Learning mechanism of adult brain revealed
Researchers have shed light on how the adult brain can adapt to new situations. ANI

Soon, 3.2billion-pixel camera to give 'deepest view of night sky ever seen'
Scientists are building a telescope that they say "will transform our understanding of the universe", and will take the equivalent of 800,000 images by an eight-mega pixel camera every night but of a vastly superior quality. ANI

Cause of age-related macular degeneration revealed
A new study led by an Indian origin scientist has made a major breakthrough in the "dry" form of age-related macular degeneration known as geographic atrophy (GA). ANI

Women have 'larger pupils than men'
Women's eyes may actually be different from men's as a new study has revealed that healthy emmetropic women have a bigger pupil diameter than men. ANI

Higher maternal age may predict kids' autism risk
Researchers have shed light on the possible links between maternal age and autism ANI

Now, camera that describes pictures
A student in the US has invented a camera, which produces written descriptions of scenes rather than photographs. ANI

How news of bin Laden's death first spread on Twitter
Researchers have found that opinion leaders and celebrities played key roles in spreading news of Osama bin Laden's death in Twitter after he was killed by U.S. Special Forces. ANI

Music 'enhances flavours of food'
A range of sensory responses - taste, touch, sight, smell and sound - amalgamate to add to our enjoyment when we eat and drink, according to a new study. ANI

How probiotic bacteria prevent inflammatory bowel disorders
Scientists have now decoded the biochemical mechanism that lies behind the protective effect of some lactic acid bacteria, which play a role in alleviating inflammation and thus protecting against intestinal diseases. ANI

Now, shock absorber that gets power from bumpy road rides
A mechanical engineering has invented a shock absorber that converts kinetic energy from vibrations into electricity. ANI

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