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Technology News on April 22, 2012

Photo sharing website Pinterest sees dramatic drop in number of users
A vision board-styled social photo sharing website Pinterest that gained huge popularity in January and February, is now unexpectedly losing users this month, according to a report. ANI

Tsunami did kill Persian invaders of Greece
A tsunami recorded by the ancient historian Herodotus did indeed protect a Greek village from Persian invaders, say German geologists. ANI

Exposure to lead dust from vehicles increases violence rates
Childhood exposure to lead dust may have lasting physical and behavioural effects, it has been revealed. ANI

Google celebrates Earth Day with flower-themed Doodle
Internet giant Google has replaced its logo with a time-lapse animation of blooming flowers to commemorate Earth Day and raise ecological awareness. ANI

Indianapolis man is first to make 1 million Wikipedia edits
An Indianapolis man who is one of Wikipedia's crew of volunteer editors has become the first to edit the online encyclopedia a million times - averaging 385 edits per day since he began in 2005. ANI

Self-driving Cadillacs to roll out by mid-decade
Cadillac, which is often driven by chauffeurs, has announced that it is developing a technology that could put self-driving cars on the road by the middle of this decade. ANI

Oz man jailed for posting nude pics of ex-girlfriend on Facebook
A jilted Australian lover, who put n*ked snaps of his ex girlfriend on Facebook, has been awarded six months in prison. ANI

Jupiter's moons may hold clues for life beyond Earth
Researchers are keen on exploring Jupiter's icy moons, which may resemble some of the planets found orbiting stars beyond our solar system, to assess their suitability for life. ANI

Forget 'likes', engaging Gen Y is key to Facebook success
The number of fans or "likes" an organisation's Facebook page has may not be a precise indicator of success. ANI

Google Execs and James Cameron back new asteroid mining venture
Google CEO Larry Page and the company's executive chairman Eric Schmidt have teamed up with 'Avatar' director James Cameron for a space venture that will possibly involve mining asteroids. ANI

Apple sued over apps luring kids to spend real money without parents' knowledge
A group of parents in the United States have sued Apple saying they didn't know their children were spending money while playing games using the tech giant's apps. ANI

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