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Technology News on April 2, 2012

Oxford University set to launch driverless cars
Oxford University scientists are planning to introduce the first driverless car on Britain's roads. ANI

Key protein players in hard-to-treat breast cancers identified
Scientists have identified a pair of proteins that could play a crucial role in treating drug- resistant breast cancers. ANI

Maths and physics 'were key players' in Titanic demise
A science expert has claimed that Maths and physics played a significant part in the sinking of the Titanic a century ago. ANI

Resting could help cells recover after heart failure
A new study has revealed that structural changes in heart muscle cells after heart failure can be reversed by allowing the heart to rest. ANI

Facebook use may up risk of eating disorders, low self-esteem
Spending time on Facebook could be harmful for your health. ANI

'World's creepiest' women stalking app pulled after 'tool for rapists' outcry
An iPhone application, which allowed users to stalk women nearby using location-based Facebook and Foursquare, has been pulled from the iTunes app store by its developer after an outcry of criticism. ANI

China lays claim to 'biggest' catalogue of galaxy clusters
Chinese astronomers say they have finished a new catalogue of more than 130,000 galaxy clusters, which makes it the biggest record of such cosmic phenomena. ANI

Bendable e-readers come closer to reality
One of the world's largest LCD Panel maker is set to unveil flexible electronic paper displays or EPDs. ANI

Hubble captures dusty lanes in 'UFO' Galaxy
Earth-orbiting Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a spiral galaxy - seen almost edge-on - that resembles a classic alien spaceship. ANI

Denying daunting impacts of global warming 'just foolishness', says US scientist
One of the world's most respected and leading senior scientists has asserted that current denial about the basic intimidating realities of manmade global warming is "just foolishness." ANI

Ocean temperatures could be rising over the last century
Researchers have compared ocean temperature readings of the 1870s with temperatures of the modern seas, revealing an upward trend of global ocean warming spanning at least 100 years. ANI

Smell of baked potato can make us feel happier
Scientists have found that the scent of food given off during the cooking process can trigger positive memories in the brain. ANI

`Intimate relationship` between metastatic breast cancer and arthritis identified
It may be no accident when doctors observe how patients suffering from both breast cancer and arthritis apparently have more aggressive cancer, a new study including Indian origin researchers has suggested. ANI

DNA sequencing may help identify `driver` mutations in cancer
Powerful DNA sequencing technology may not only help identify mutations at the root of a patient's tumour - considered vital for personalizing cancer treatment - but to map the genetic evolution of disease and monitor response to treatment, a new study has revealed. ANI

Black holes 'eat binary star partners' to grow
Researchers have come up with a new explanation for the growth of supermassive black holes in the centre of most galaxies asserting that they constantly capture and swallow single stars from pairs of stars that wander too close. ANI

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