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Technology News on April 17, 2012

Office firm installs world's first lickable elevator lined with 1,325 Jaffa Cakes
As a way to boost the mood of their workers, an imaginative office firm have installed the world's first lickable elevator in their building. ANI

Painting roofs white as green as taking cars off the roads for 50 yrs
Scientists have revealed that painting roofs white and using light-coloured materials to surface roads and pavements would not only make cities cooler in summer, it would save the same amount of carbon as taking all the cars in the world off the roads for 50 years. ANI

Wikipedia founder says 'Internet will change perception of privacy'
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has said that the Internet will change 'perceptions of privacy', and added that employers will have to end the 'hypocrisy' of refusing to hire people who post embarassing photos on social networking sites. ANI

Orangutans nests reveal their engineering skills
Orangutans show remarkably advanced engineering skills when making nests, researchers have found. ANI

Omnivores' ancestors primarily ate plants, or animals, but not both
Researchers have revealed that the feeding habits of mammals haven't always been what they are today, particularly for omnivores. ANI

Chimpanzee ground nests reveal when hominids ditched tree-sleeping
A study on ground-nesting behaviour of wild chimpanzees has shed light on the ancient transition of early hominins from sleeping in trees to sleeping on the ground. ANI

When and where people lose their mobile phones
Almost 7 million dollars worth of mobile phones are lost around the world each day, a new survey has revealed. ANI

Google seeks 'Doodler' for creating special designs on home page
Internet search giant Google is advertising for hiring a new Doodler, a graphic designer or an illustrator, to work on special designs that celebrate historic figures and events on its home page. ANI

Promiscuous queen bees produce healthy colonies
Queen bees on isolated islands avoid inbreeding by mating with nearly 100 males and keep colonies healthy. ANI

Greenland ice sheet may be sliding away due to surface lake melt
Greenland ice sheet may be sliding faster into the ocean because of massive releases of meltwater from surface lakes, a new study suggests. ANI

Single gene 'may affect IQ'
Researchers have discovered a single gene, which may have a measurable impact on a person's brain size as well as intelligence. ANI

Craters on Mars may be hiding life
Craters on Earth made by asteroid impacts may provide clues in search for life on other planets, scientists have suggested. ANI

Indian mums in Canada have more sons
A new study has found that mothers born in India but living in Canada are significantly more likely to have male babies for their second and third births compared with women in Canada. ANI

New treatment for prostate cancer gives 'perfect results' sans side effects
A new treatment for prostate cancer can free the disease for nine in ten men without debilitating side effects, say scientists. ANI

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