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Technology News on April 14, 2012

Proteins 'not dependent on water to survive and function'
Scientists at the University of Bristol have debunked one of the key beliefs in chemistry: that proteins are dependent on water to survive and function. ANI

Language of roundworms decoded
Biologists has found that a wide range of nematodes, or roundworms, communicate using a recently discovered class of chemical cues. ANI

Bullying in cyberworld differs from that in school
The dynamics of online bullying are different from traditional bullying, a University of British Columbia research has found. ANI

NASA turns to cheaper Mars program after budget cuts
NASA has announced that it is looking for alternative, cheaper ways to continue Mars exploration after it was rocked by recent budget cuts. ANI

Now, eco-car that manages 584 miles per gallon
In what could be an answer to fuel scarcity, a team of engineers from the California Polytechnic State University has designed a vehicle that does a whopping 584mpg. ANI

Kids outsmart their 'snooping' parents online everyday
More than half of Australian children can easily outwit their parents when it comes to going online, thereby enabling them to outsmart adult restrictions. ANI

Size matters for European dung flies when it comes to mating
European and North American black scavenger flies - also called dung flies as their larvae develop in the faeces of vertebrates and thus break them down - belong to the same species, but they strongly differ in mating behaviour and SSD. ANI

Number of emperor penguins in Antarctica counted from space
Scientists have completed the first-ever count of emperor penguins from space using high-resolution satellite mapping technology. ANI

Satellites monitor icebergs in Arctic to prevent another Titanic doom
International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea and the International Ice Patrol (IIP) is planning to launch a new generation of public good satellites to monitor icebergs in Arctic in an effort to prevent another Titanic disaster. ANI

Auroras spotted on Uranus for first time
Scientists have for the first time captured images of auroras above the giant ice planet Uranus, finding further evidence of just how peculiar a world that distant planet is. ANI

Now, implantable medical device to warn patients of impending heart attack
Scientists have designed an implantable medical device that alerts users about a potential heart attack through a combination of vibrations, audible tones, and visual warnings. ANI

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