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Technology News on April 13, 2012

Soon, posters that kiss you back
Japanese researchers have invented a digital image that can respond to your kisses with smiles and eyelash fluttering. ANI

Pride resulting from superiority can exacerbate prejudices
The way individuals experience the universal emotion of pride directly impacts how racist and homophobic their attitudes toward other people are, researchers say. ANI

Addicts' memories could be tweaked to reduce drug cravings
Manipulating memories of drug use may be an affective way to help addicts avoid a return to a life of drug abuse, say scientists in China. ANI

Curtains lifted on 'stardust recycling' mystery
A long-standing mystery about how dying stars spew out the material of future planets has now been solved, scientists have claimed. ANI

Newly discovered Musket Ball cluster 'may hold clues about dark matter'
Astronomers have discovered a system of colliding galaxy clusters, nicknamed the "Musket Ball" cluster. ANI

NASA plans to 'knock' space junk out of orbit by firing pulses of gas
NASA has come up with a radical solution to clean up 'space junk' orbiting the Earth. ANI

Facebook faces criticism over data download tool
Social networking site Facebook has been facing criticism over its updated version of Download Your Information tool that lets users look at only some data the site holds about them. ANI

New glow-in-dark Nook with built-in light 'may help save marriages'
The largest book retailer in the US has announced a new version of its Nook Simple Touch Reader that has an adjustable glow light built right in, making it possible to read in the dark unobtrusively. ANI

NASA designs enormous 'margarita glass' to harvest sun's energy
NASA has designed a giant cocktail glass floating through the sky that would soak up the sun's rays from high above the Earth. ANI

Parts of asteroid that hit Earth 65m yrs ago may have littered in space
In a new study, scientists are focused on determining what happened to the bits of rock that were cast off into space as a result of an asteroid hitting the Earth 65-million-years ago that even killed the dinosaurs. ANI

Excessive worrying may have co-evolved with intelligence in humans
Worrying may have evolved along with intelligence as a beneficial trait, a new study has revealed. ANI

Media multitasking may be good for you after all
Using multiple forms of media at the same time is not necessarily all bad news, researchers say. ANI

Soon, vending machine that asks for hugs in return for a can of Coke
Coca-Cola has come up with a very innovative and attention-grabbing publicity stunt in Singapore - a vending machine which gives out free cans of Coke in return for hugs. ANI

Traditional Chinese medicines containing 'toxic ingredients' exposed
Deep sequencing of 15 samples of traditional Chinese medicines has revealed undeclared, potentially toxic, and trade-restricted ingredients, a new study has claimed. ANI

Monkeys' word recognizing ability points to origins of reading
A study on monkeys has suggested that some of the mental processing involved in reading evolved separately from the specialised language centres that are unique to human brains. ANI

NASA's Viking robots found life on Mars 36 years ago
A new analysis of 36-year-old data, resuscitated from printouts, shows that NASA found life on Mars, an international team of mathematicians and scientists have revealed. ANI

Rapid climate change putting Asia's rice production at risk
Rapid climate change and its potential to intensify droughts and floods could threaten Asia's rice production and pose a significant threat to millions of people across the region, leading climate specialists and agricultural scientists have warned. ANI

Chimp beds shed light on 'how early humans ditched treetop-sleeping'
Proof that some chimps routinely avoid the safety of treetops to sleep on the ground raises the possibility that some early hominins did too with possible implications for their growth, a new study has claimed. ANI

Power doesn't always magnify personality
Abraham Lincoln had said, "If you want to test a man's character, give him power." ANI

'Master switches' in colon cancer unveiled
Scientists have identified a new mechanism by which colon cancer develops. ANI

Now, computer formula to work out 'why certain quotes stay with us'
In a new study, scientists have created a computer program to break down the formula behind some of cinema's most enduring lines - from Dirty Harry's "Do you feel lucky, punk?" to Casablanca's "Here's looking at you, kid." ANI

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