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Technology News on April 10, 2012

British police to explore new ways to fight rioters
Skunk oil pellets and anti-laser technology as well as projectiles containing irritants are among ideas being put forward by the British Government scientists to help the police tackle future rioters. ANI

Touch activates plants' defense against insects
Plants can use the sense of touch to fight off fungal infections and insects, a new study by Rice University scientists has revealed. ANI

Dental X-rays up brain tumour risk 5-fold
Dental patients who received frequent X-rays were up to five times more likely to be diagnosed with meningioma, the most common type of brain tumour, a major study has found. ANI

Soon, 30-sec eye test to help combat heart disease
A new eye test, being developed in Britain, could save millions of lives by diagnosing deadly heart disease early. ANI

Novel compound shows promise for treating leukaemia
A novel anti-leukaemia compound has shown potential for becoming a new highly targeted therapy for humans - even for those resistant to conventional therapies, according to a new study. ANI

Faster and cheaper way to cool electronic devices developed
Researchers have come up with a more efficient and a less expensive way of cooling electronic devices - especially devices that generate a lot of heat, like lasers and power devices. ANI

Porn search cause 30pc of all web traffic
Researchers have discovered that a staggering 30 per cent of all Internet traffic is pornography. ANI

Inherited-genetic variations up risk of aggressive prostate cancer
Scientists have discovered two inherited-genetic deletions in the human genome linked to development of aggressive prostate cancer. ANI

Over 100 billion spam messages sent in 2011 in China: Survey
Nearly one hundred billion spam messages were sent in China in 2011, a latest survey has revealed. ANI

'Coronal cells' spotted on Sun
Researchers have for the first time observed a pattern of cells with bright centres and dark boundaries occurring in the sun's atmosphere, the corona. ANI

Now, app that banishes nightmares and sweetens dreams
Scientists have come up with a phone app that subliminally influences people as they sleep and gives them their perfect dream by playing a 'soundscape'. ANI

Sexual reproduction may produce long-term benefits
Researchers have discovered why courtship rituals - which can be all-consuming, demanding time and effort - might actually be worth it. ANI

Consumers in their 20s switch media 27 times an hour
The plethoric array of media choices has engrossed twenty-something young consumers so much so that they switch between electronic devices and media platforms every two minutes, according to a new study. ANI

Search for Sun's sibling may help find cousins of Earth life
Astronomers have now focussed their search on not just any life out there in the universe but our distant relatives. ANI

How stress affects humans
By studying social stress that moulds monkey immune system, researchers have shed light on how the stress of low socioeconomic status may impact human health and how individuals' bodies adapt after a shift in their social environment. ANI

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