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Technology News on April 1, 2012

Facebook shams using 'friend' trick for women
Facebook cons have found a new way to trick people through internet, as they are now hijacking the network's live chat system to cheat users out of cash. ANI

2,300-yr-old world's earliest stringed instrument found in cave
The remains of what is believed to be the earliest stringed instrument in western Europe have been uncovered in Scotland. ANI

New, mobile app pulls data from Facebook and Foursquare to 'stalk' women
A new mobile phone application doesn't just tell users where their friends and co-workers are, it also updates them where nearby women are, and allows them to see their full name, photos, and send them messages. ANI

Life's building blocks on Earth probably formed easily in early solar system
Complex organic compounds, including many vital to life on Earth, may have been readily produced under conditions that likely prevailed in the primordial solar system, according to a new study. ANI

Oxygen in tumours may foretell prostate cancer relapse
Low oxygen levels in tumours can predict prostate cancer recurrence in men with intermediate-risk disease even before they undergo radiation therapy, a new study has revealed. ANI

Pinterest-like site Snatchly lets users 'pin' p*rn on virtual boards
The Pinterest-inspired concept of virtually "pinning" things to an online board has finally made its way to the p*rn industry. ANI

Now, teddy bear-faced robot to help injured soldiers in battlefields
Scientists have designed a 500-pound teddy bear that is capable of lifting and carrying an injured fighter out of harm's way. ANI

How `dark energy` triggered expansion of Universe
Researchers have come up with a 3D map of the sky, which facilitates scientists to look into the time six billion years ago when dark energy became a dominant influence on the Universe's expansion. ANI

How beer goggles work
Even a little alcohol reduces the ability to assess facial symmetry, which plays a key role in attractiveness and human mate selection, a new study has revealed. ANI

Gleaming Venus to have rendezvous with 'Seven Sisters' on Tuesday
Next week, Venus will exhibit a remarkable celestial display when it shines near the well-known Pleiades star cluster in the western sky on Tuesday (April 3). ANI

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