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World's first 3D, interactive 360-degree film set to revolutionize cinema

June 8, 2011 - Melbourne

The world's first interactive 3D, 360 degree cinema is set to take viewers on a journey unlike any they'd get at the regular movies.

Scenario, which would go on display at the UNSW's iCinema Research Centre as part of the Sydney Film Festival on Wednesday, takes five viewers at a time through a series of problem-solving tasks to help characters on screen.

Other characters with artificial intelligence interact with the viewers, hindering their movement through the story.

Project director Professor Dennis Del Favero described the film as a "digital fairytale, but in 360 degrees".

"The work operates on the basis of your movement in the space. So as a member of the audience you walk into the space, and the space is watching you and tracking you," the Herald Sun quoted him as telling

"Instead of there being characters that passively follow a pre-scripted storyline, those characters are making decisions and changing the story according to your behaviour and your action," Prof Del Favero said.

The technology behind Scenario is the Advanced Visualisation and Interaction Environment (AVIE), which looks like an enormous circular screen.


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