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World spent 10.7m hrs playing with Les Paul's doodle last week!

June 16, 2011 - Melbourne

It has emerged that the world spent 10.7 million hours playing with guitar legend Les Paul's doodle last week.

A GOOGLE homepage doodle posted last week honouring Paul has cost the world 268 million dollars, despite only setting the internet giant back a mere 15,000 dollars, said Extreme Tech.

It also said the amount covers 10.7 million man-hours in lost productivity, assuming the average Google user earns 25 dollars an hour.

"During the two days that the Les Paul doodle was online, those 740 million visitors, according to analytics from RescueTime, spent 26 seconds more on the Google home page than normal," quoted it has saying.

"740 million times 26 seconds is 5,344,444 hours - and over two days, that's a total of almost 10.7 million man hours spent playing with the Les Paul Google Doodle.

"Assuming the average Google user earns 25 dollar/hour, the doodle cost companies around the world 268 million dollars in lost productivity," it added.

"It's impossible to predict exactly how many kilowatt hours were used by the Les Paul guitar, but if we posit that the doodle draws 5 watts, and the average visitor spent 26 seconds playing with the doodle, then each visit used 0.000035 kilowatt hours (kWh).

"Over two days, with 1480 million visitors, that's 51,800 kWh. At 10c per kWh, that's a grand total of 5180 dollars," the site said.

It said Google would have paid a developer to create the Les Paul guitar but this would amount to just "a few hundred dollars".

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Les Paul doodle, Google have given it a permanent home.


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