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Technology pioneer IBM celebrates 100 years of 'Think'

June 16, 2011 - London

The world's second largest technology company, IBM - or International Business Machines - is celebrating its 100th birthday on Thursday without much fanfare.

The brand has given us so much ranging from barcodes, a computer that almost thinks like a human and enables you to save a file on your laptop or even get money from an ATM.

Big Blue's PC spawned the personal computer industry, and more recently, its Watson supercomputer beat humans on the TV quiz show, Jeopardy.

But sadly, it is still sidelined in the face of Google, Apple and Facebook.

"They were kind of like a cornerstone of that whole enterprise that has become the heart of the computer industry in the U.S," the Daily Mail quoted Bob Djurdjevic, a former IBM employee and president of Annex Research, as saying.

The force behind IBM's early growth was Thomas J. Watson Sr., a demanding boss with exacting standards for everything from office wear (white shirts, ties) to creativity (his slogan: "Think").

Now, 100 years later, the company continues to build its success making sense of millions of punch card records sees future innovations in the analysis of the billions and billions of bits of data being transmitted in the 21st century.

Bernard Meyerson, IBM's vice president for innovation, said: "The scale of that enables you to do discovery, whether it's in the case of drugs, medicine, crime - you name it."


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