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Technology News on September 6, 2011

People with African ancestry more prone to peanut allergy
Geneticists, including one of Indian-origin, have linked African ancestry to an increased risk of peanut allergies. ANI

Fragmented reefs can be good for coral ecosystems
Even just restoring small patches of reef habitat can go a long way to repair coral ecosystems, new research has found. ANI

Ancient humans 'had sex with now extinct sub-species'
Ancestors of modern humans got intimate with a now extinct lineage of humanity before they migrated out of Africa, a new research has found. ANI

Tiny 'hidden' clots in the brain linked to signs of ageing
Some signs of old age such as stooped posture and restricted movement may be due to 'hidden' blood vessel damage in the brain, US scientists say. ANI

Why effect of cancer radiation therapy differs from person to person
A new study has revealed that the effect of radiation therapy to treat cancer differs from one individual to another. ANI

Giant claw 'helps fiddler crabs to stay cool, attract females'
Ever wondered why fiddler crabs have such a ridiculously large claw? Well, it has emerged that the oversized limb has dual functions. ANI

Novel drug target for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder found
A team of researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine has identified a promising therapeutic target in the brain that could lead to the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). ANI

Blame your genes for making you couch potato
McMaster University researchers have discovered that couch potatoes who are thought to be lazy could be missing the key genes and so naturally find it more difficult to exercise. ANI

Facebook 'to rival Apple's iTunes with free online music service'
In a move that could put it in direct competition with Apple's iTunes, Facebook is planning to debut its own free online music service this month. ANI

Iranian Internet users were large scale victims of spying
Fresh evidence has emerged, which indicate that hundreds of forged security certificates obtained by hackers may have been used to spy on people in Iran. ANI

Ring finger longer than index finger = high libido for men
Here's an advice for ladies who are really passionate about someone - check his ring finger as its length could be linked to his sex drive. ANI

Cells' 'timed' transactions might help develop cancer drugs
A new study has suggested that cells, which have the power of communicating with each other, know exactly when to transmit signals and when to shut up letting other cells do the talking. ANI

'Resomation', the new environmentally friendly way of disposing dead bodies
Wish to continue your environmentally friendly life after death? You can do so with a new post-death disposal called "resomation", which is a greener alternative to cremation. ANI

Text message abbreviations popular with teens now used by over 55s also
Abbreviations, which are usually popular among youngsters while text messaging, are now being used by half of people who are over 55-years of age. ANI

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