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Technology News on September 5, 2011

Genetic mutation predisposing people to leukaemia traced
People who are genetically threatened to suffer from leukaemia might get a moral boost after a new discovery that identified an inherited gene defect which can predispose people to the deadly disease. ANI

Endangered species set for 'stem cell rescue'
Scientists they have produced the first stem cells from endangered species, a breakthrough that could make it possible to improve reproduction and genetic diversity for some species, and possibly saving them from extinction. ANI

Inflammation is beneficial, not detrimental for diabetics as believed
Inflammation, which is widely viewed as contributor to type 2 diabetes, is actually crucial for maintaining good blood sugar levels, a new study has suggested. ANI

World's smallest electric motor measures just 1 nanometer across!
Chemists at Tufts have developed the world's smallest electric motor made from a single molecule, a development that may potentially create a new class of devices with applications ranging from medicine to engineering. ANI

'Covert' face-reading lie detectors to catch fugitives at airports
Secret lie detectors, which can pick up tell-tale signs of people giving false accounts of themselves, are to be installed "covertly" at a British airport. ANI

Coming soon: Sony Ericsson's Xperia Arc S that can take 3D pictures
Sony Ericsson has announced its new line of smartphones, which can take 3D panoramic images on a standard 2D camera - the first of its kind on the mobile phone market. ANI

Running robots one 'small step' closer to reality
Swiss researchers say they have made a "small step" towards getting robots to run like humans. ANI

New Google Street View helps you explore hidden treasures of the world
Those who are struck with wanderlust can now explore the globe from the comfort of their homes, as long as they have access to the internet. ANI

60mln-yr-old wallaby gene could hold key to overcome superbugs
Victorian scientists have resurrected the genes of a 60 million-year-old wallaby ancestor with a supercomputer to develop a compound that can kill off superbugs. ANI

Soon, easy-to-use sensors to detect 'invisible' CO2
Japanese scientists have designed an inexpensive new material capable of quick and accurate detection of specific gases in the air under a wide variety of circumstances. ANI

Scientists sequence 10 variants of deadly E. coli strain through 'crowd-sourcing'
Scientists have sequenced 10 variants of the deadly Escherichia coli strain that hit Germany in May 2011 through crowd-sourcing - a development that could give insight into how the outbreak arose. ANI

Human colon stem cells identified and grown in lab-plate for first time
A team of scientists has for the first time identified and grown human colon stem cells in a lab-plate. ANI

Coming soon: Factory-built spare parts for human body
Soon, it would be possible to grow replacements for virtually any part of the human body. ANI

New compound to treat diabetes better with limited side effects created
Scientists have created a new class of anti-diabetic compound that is expected to better the treatment procedure for diabetes with minimal adverse side effects. ANI

Harmless soil-dwelling bacteria can successfully kill cancer
Recent studies have found that harmless soil-dwelling bacteria - Clostridium sporogenes, successfully kills cancer. ANI

Yale scientists uncover mystery of disappearing bird digit
A study has been able to uncover the mystery of the three different digits on a bird, whether they developed as a thumb with index and middle fingers, or the index, middle and ring fingers. ANI

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