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Technology News on September 4, 2011

Invisible cycling helmet wins design award in play category at Copenhagen
An invisible airbag for cyclists' head shaped like a neck collar has won the award for "Design to Improve Life - designs that target and solve problems in daily life". ANI

Playing video games help improve vision of adults with 'lazy eye'
Scientists have found that playing video games could help improve the vision of adults with 'lazy eye'. ANI

Illinois scientists reduce jet noise by controlling turbulence
Airlines and aircraft manufacturers are under increasing pressure to keep noise levels low for airport personnel and for people in surrounding neighbourhoods, but they are barely able to find any solution. ANI

How Google+ users' profile photos can embarrass employers
Experts have warned that blending personal data with professional data can cause trouble for Google+ users and the companies they belong if they aren't careful. ANI

2nd iceberg 'twice the size of Manhattan' set to break off Greenland glacier
New findings have suggested that a huge chunk of ice from a Greenland glacier, almost double the size of Manhattan, is on the brink of breaking away. ANI

Confirmed: Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge sank in North Carolina!
A ship that sank in 1718 off the coast of North Carolina and discovered almost 15 years ago has been confirmed as the flagship of the infamous 18th-century English pirate Blackbeard. ANI

Brain-interpreting devices may soon abolish keyboard needs
A study has suggested that new devices with the potential to interpret human thoughts into digital texts may soon make the conventional QWERTY keyboards history. ANI

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