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Technology News on September 30, 2011

72-million-yr-old armoured dinosaur's brain being 'recreated'
Scientists have gained valuable insights into the brain of a 72 million-year-old dinosaur after its skull broke down recently. ANI

Facebook users beware: Porn sites could show up in your account timeline
Beware Facebook users. The new timeline feature unveiled by the social networking site recently is all set to embarrass you if a warning from a technology blog is any indication. ANI

Indian-origin scientist reveals 'alarm' that makes us wake up every morning
A study led by an Indian-origin scientist has found an explanation to why we wake up each day in the morning even when the alarm clock isn't making jarring noises ANI

Roads play major role in spread of antibiotic resistant superbugs
A new study has revealed that roads play a major role in the spread or contamination of antibiotic resistant bacteria, commonly known as superbugs, as roads facilitate easy movement of people to and from places that are well connected. ANI

Drug used to treat high BP and reduce anxiety may benefit people with autism
University of Missouri researchers have found that a drug used to treat high blood pressure and control heart rate as well as to reduce anxiety may help improve language and social function in people with autism. ANI

'Maintaining fish stocks at certain level could help save coral reefs'
An international team of scientists have found a tool for managing corals reefs and tropical fisheries worldwide that could play a vital role in preventing the reefs' collapse. ANI

Cocaine use increases risk of glaucoma by 45 pc
A new study has revealed that the use of cocaine increases risk of open-angle glaucoma, the most common type of glaucoma. ANI

Buzzing bats use rare 'superfast' muscles to hunt their prey in the dark
Ever wondered how bats use their amazing echolocation abilities to navigate and hunt prey at night? Well, they owe their success to a set of rare 'superfast' muscles in their larynx. ANI

Role of 'unisex' hormone in glucose and fat metabolism explained
Researchers at the University of Houston (UH) have explained the role of estradiol, the most potent naturally occurring estrogen, in glucose and fat metabolism. ANI

Scientists use high-tech 'recipe book' to create 'perfect plastic'
Researchers at the University of Leeds and Durham University have developed a new method for creating the 'perfect plastic' with specific uses and properties using a high-tech 'recipe book'. ANI

UK iPhone users much happier than those using Android smartphones: Survey
British Apple iPhone users are much happier than those who use choose Google Android smartphones, according to new data from analysts Nielsen. ANI

Cave art shows toddlers learned to finger-paint 13,000 years ago
Archaeologists at the Cambridge University have uncovered evidence that children as young as two in the palaeolithic age, an estimated 13,000 years ago, may have attended a form of prehistoric nursery to develop their creative skills in cave art. ANI

One-third of 'sun-like' stars may have Earth like planets
A mission launched in "search of habitable planets" by NASA has predicted that one-third of "sun-like" stars may have planets similar to Earth. ANI

MESSENGER spacecraft unfolds some decades-old mysteries of Mercury
After six months of orbiting Mercury, NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft is providing surprising new information on the planet. ANI

Stardust belt discovered in planetary systems hundreds of light years away
Astronomers of the University Jena have detected a stardust belt in extra-solar planetary systems hundreds of light years away from the Earth. ANI

US professor awarded Ig Nobel Prize for OZ beetles' beer bottle-sex study
A University of Toronto Mississauga professor won the Ig Nobel Prize after he studied how an Australian jewel beetle died in the hot sun while trying to mate with a brown 'stubby' beer bottle, which he thought to be his female counterpart. ANI

Red wine 'can stop breast cancer cells from growing'
A team of American and Italian scientists have discovered that resveratrol - the "healthy" ingredient found in red wine - can stop breast cancer cells from growing by blocking the growth effects of estrogen. ANI

Natural 'back-up blood vessels system' could save our hearts from disease
Scientists at the University College London have found that our heart has its own "back-up system" to help it function even if main arteries are blocked. ANI

Hubble captures galaxy blowing 'glowing' gas bubbles
The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured a distant galaxy that appears to blowing bubbles. ANI

African witch doctors' tea promises cure for many diseases including AIDS
A medicinal tea prepared by local African witch doctors and given to pregnant women when the time for birth arrives could lead to potential new drugs for many human diseases including AIDS, according to a new study. ANI

NASA's WISE telescope find reduces mid-size asteroids' hazards to Earth
NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, has discovered that there are significantly fewer near-Earth asteroids in the mid-size range than previously thought. ANI

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