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Technology News on September 27, 2011

Most modern men can't do basic DIY tasks
Most modern men lack basic DIY skills such as tiling walls, fitting a carpet or changing taps, according to a new study. ANI

Chemotherapy during pregnancy does not affect child's development
A new research has found that children born after their mothers were treated with chemotherapy during pregnancy appear to be unaffected by the experience in terms of the development of their mental processes and the normal functioning of their hearts. ANI

Men without kids 'likelier to die from heart problems'
Childless men are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than for fathers, says a large study by the Stanford University School of Medicine. ANI

'Uncle Tom's Cabin' impact still endures in US film and popular culture
"Uncle Tom's Cabin," the best-selling novel of the 19th century, continues to influence American film and popular culture, a researcher says. ANI

Now, a headband that boosts your sleep and sex life!
Those who have been concerned that the sleep they are getting may not be of great quality and is hampering their productivity as a result, can now find their answers in a new headband and iPhone app released by Zeo, Inc., the revolutionary sleep management company. ANI

1st genome map of advanced prostate cancers reveals genetic 'hypermutation'
Researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre and the University of Washington have conducted the first comprehensive assessment of every gene in the genome of advanced, lethal prostate cancer. ANI

Implanted tooth and dental pulp stem cells could produce mature bones
A new Japanese study has shown that stem cells derived from canine teeth and dental pulp can be used to produce bone regeneration between parents and offspring. ANI

High coronary calcium levels up diabetics' heart attack risk
A new study has suggested that notable levels of calcium accumulation in coronary arteries can be a sign of impending heart attacks and strokes in people with diabetes and metabolic syndrome. ANI

Coming soon: Fashionable E-garments with memory retention capacity
Integrating electronics into textiles will soon enable smart fabrics and wearable electronics, researchers say. ANI

Virtual monkeys 'close to recreating complete works of Shakespeare'
Millions of virtual monkeys, created by an American programmer, have almost typed out the complete works of William Shakespeare by hitting random keys on virtual typewriters. ANI

Gene behind chronic blood cancer identified
Scientists have discovered gene mutations that could enable diagnosis of chronic blood cancer using only a blood test, making invasive and painful bone marrow biopsy a thing of the past. ANI

Samsung to launch flexible phone next year
A mobile phone with a screen that bends and can survive the hardest blows, even a strike from a hammer, might sound fairly futuristic, but you could soon own it. ANI

Most boys want average physique, not rippling muscles and abs
Not all boys aspire to have chiselled bodies idealized by popular culture, and instead want an average physique, a new study has found. ANI

Prolonged sleep deprivation may increase risk of Alzheimer's disease
Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have suggested a possible link between inadequate sleep and the increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. ANI

Obesity and metabolic disorder results of fat cell dysfunction
A new study has shown the association between lipid cell dysfunction and diseases such as obesity, diabetes and blood lipid disorders, a finding which may help combat metabolic diseases in future. ANI

Huge solar flare slams into Earth, likely to hit communications, power
NASA has revealed that a massive solar flare that erupted on the Sun over the weekend has hit the Earth's magnetic field at approximately 8:15 a.m. EDT on Monday, following the impact of a coronal mass ejection (CME). ANI

Possible cardiovascular risk with NSAIDs use needs further probe
Cholesterol control may be especially important for heart health in patients who are taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as naproxen, a new research has suggested. ANI

Facebook denies claims of tracking logged out users
Facebook has denied allegations that it tracks it users when they are logged out, saying it only uses tracking cookies to personalise content and to make the social networking site more secure. ANI

Brit 'coffee-powered car' breaks Guinness world speed record
A new British-built car, which runs entirely on coffee beans, has broken the world speed record for a car powered by organic waste. ANI

How difficult to change habits are formed in our brains
A new study has shed light on how our habits are formed, which may be difficult to change. ANI

Georgia grad student finds promising new target for Alzheimer's vaccine
A Georgia Health Sciences University graduate student has been honoured with the 2011 Darrell W. Brann Scholarship in Neuroscience, a 1,000 dollars award, for discovering a new target for Alzheimer's vaccine. ANI

Modern humans populated Asia in two migration waves
An international team of scientists has discovered that, contrary to the information available till date, modern humans possibly populated Asia in at least two migration waves. ANI

Coffee may help lower risk of depression in women
Depression risk in women may decrease with increased consumption of caffeinated coffee, according to a new study. ANI

Journalists count on Twitter to disseminate info
A new study has shown that journalists count on Twitter the most when it comes to disseminating information. ANI

Google helps publishing ancient Dead Sea scrolls online
The Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest of biblical manuscripts, are now available online after search giant Google helped digitise the ancient texts. ANI

Insulin switches in pancreas could help treat and prevent diabetes
Scientists have discovered how a hormone turns on a series of molecular switches inside the pancreas that increases production of insulin - a natural hormone that controls the level of the sugar glucose in the blood. ANI

New modified vaccine could be key in malaria prevention
Scientists have created a new malaria vaccine that combines the use of a disabled cold virus with an immune system-stimulating gene, which may increase the immune response against the deadly parasite that causes Malaria. ANI

Hands determine how we learn and remember info
People's ability to learn and remember information depends on what they do with their hands while they are learning, scientists say. ANI

New compound kills several viruses, including deadly Spanish flu
UT Southwestern Medical Center investigators have tested a compound that destroys several viruses, including the deadly Spanish flu that killed an estimated 30 million people in the worldwide pandemic of 1918. ANI

Coming soon, 3D television without glasses
Fraunhofer research scientists are working on new technologies that will make it possible to watch TV in 3D without technical aids such as 3D glasses. ANI

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