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Technology News on September 24, 2011

Scientists find 2 new efficient ways to predict prostate cancer
Recent studies have discovered two new risk indicators for prostate cancer. ANI

NASA searching for debris after 6-ton satellite UARS crashes back to Earth
NASA's defunct six-ton satellite plummeted through Earth's atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean early on Saturday, possibly raining debris over parts of Canada and Africa, the space agency said. ANI

'Older is wiser' when it comes to making better long-term decisions
A new study has claimed that older adults are better at making decisions that will reward them in the long term as compared to younger adults, who are interested only in instant benefits. ANI

Now, iPhone controlled shoes that can boost your height up to 7 inches
An Israeli-born artist has designed a pair of robotic shoes, which can lift an individual's height by up to seven inches, and is controlled by an iPhone app. ANI

'Secret of restoring memory' promises new hope for Alzheimer's patients
Scientists believe they may have discovered a potential target for dementia-the secret of restoring lost memory-providing new hope to millions of people who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease. ANI

Protein 'switches' that turn cancer cells into chemotherapy factories
Johns Hopkins researchers have developed a protein "switch" that instructs cancer cells to produce their own anti-cancer medication. ANI

More funding needed to combat 'neglected' parasitic disease kala azar
The number of deaths from East Africa's worst outbreak of a deadly parasite known as kala azar could be reduced only if there is funding for wider access to treatment, experts have said. ANI

'Artificial' photosynthesis could provide inexhaustible energy within 20 yrs
Scientists are trying to learn lessons from one of nature's finest miracles, photosynthesis, to harvest energy from the Sun. ANI

Ready to roll: world's first 3D 'printed' car that will last 30yrs!
The world's first 'printed' car, which has been made using a special printer that built up layer upon layer of bodywork, has finally rolled off the printing press. ANI

New Facebook design reveals who 'unfriended' you
A quirk in Facebook's latest redesign has now made it easy for the users to see who has removed them from their friend list. ANI

Now, 'robot legs' that improve movement in stroke patients
Dutch engineers have developed exoskeleton 'robotic legs,' to help improve the movement of stroke patients. ANI

Another giant defunct satellite to hit Earth in October
Amid fear that a satellite the size of a bus is set to hit Earth within the next few hours, scientists have warned that there's another more dangerous one coming to smash our planet by the end of next month. ANI

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