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Technology News on September 23, 2011

Cancer protein's surprising role as memory regulator
Scientists at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School have found that a key cancer protein could help regulates memory formation - a finding that could pave the way for Alzheimer's disease treatment ANI

Now, body liquefaction tech offers 'environmental friendly' cremation
A Florida-based company has invented a body liquefaction technology, which they claim is a green alternative to burial or cremation. ANI

Soy protein reduces progression of clogged arteries in menopausal women
A new study has found that soy protein reduces the progression of clogged arteries in women who were within five years of menopause. ANI

Researchers develop first ever evolutionary 'Tree of Life' for mammals
An international research team has for the first time developed a large and robust DNA matrix, that has representation for all mammalian families, after five years of painstaking research. ANI

BMW mulling replacing LED headlights with laser ones
German car maker BMW is reportedly developing laser headlights to replace the traditional light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. ANI

Ceramic material, gamma blast could toughen prosthetic plastic joints
A new research has claimed that adding ceramic particles to the polymers and blasting the composite with gamma-radiation could toughen up plastic joints in joint replacement surgeries and make them strong enough to last for years. ANI

BPA exposure in womb doesn't affect male mice testes later in life
Brown University toxicologists have found that male mice exposed to Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical found in many plastic products, in the womb developed no signs of harm to their testes later in life. ANI

Brain development doesn't stop at adolescence but continues into our 20s
A study has found that the human brain doesn't stop developing at adolescence, but continues well into our 20s. ANI

Arkansas' lost moon rock found among Bill Clinton"s Governor memorabilia
A long-lost moon rock from the Apollo 17 mission has been discovered in the files belonging to former US President Bill Clinton during the time he was Arkansas governor. ANI

Early humans colonised Asia in two waves, finds study
A study has pieced together the human genome from an Aboriginal Australian to find that early humans colonised Asia in two waves. ANI

UK on high alert after bus-sized NASA craft due to 'crash' on Earth tonight
The UK has been put on high alert following reports that a 20-year-old bus-sized NASA satellite is expected to crash on Earth some time on Friday evening or Saturday morning, possibly hitting the country. ANI

Old muscles reprogrammed into newer ones to fight degeneration
A new study has suggested that old muscles can be turned into newer ones, which will not only fight degeneration but also help repair damaged tissue. esearchers at the University of California, Berkeley showed that the mature muscle tissue could be coaxed back to an earlier stem cell stage to form new muscle. ANI

'Revolutionary' on-demand online game service launched in UK
A revolutionary online gaming system, which claims to give users access to on-demand games via the Internet with no need for a console, has been launched in the UK. ANI

Now, watch movies of your dreams, fantasies and memories
Soon, your dreams could end up like Hollywood movie trailers on YouTube, thanks to the efforts by the scientists at the University of California, Berkeley. ANI

Spanish scientists develop first 'invisibility antimagnetic cloak'
Spanish researchers believe they have designed a new type of magnetic cloak, which shields objects from external magnetic fields, while at the same time preventing any magnetic internal fields from leaking outside, making the cloak undetectable. ANI

Pain killers may increase risk of pneumonia
A new study has claimed that opioids are associated with a higher risk of pneumonia in adults aged 65 to 94. ANI

Scientists to probe Indian Ocean to find clues to global climate
The Indian Ocean will be investigated from next month, using aircraft, ships, moorings, radars, numerical models and other tools, to study how tropical weather brews there and moves eastward along the equator, with reverberating effects around the globe. ANI

Now, download NASA's historical sound bites as ringtones, alarms
Space buffs rejoice. Soon, you can hear the roar of a space shuttle launch or Neil Armstrong's, "One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind", every time you get a phone call. ANI

The machine that turns typed words into 'heady cocktails'!
A Russian man nicknamed Morskoiboy has made a machine, which turns words into cocktails. ANI

How female promiscuity can be genetically beneficial to populations
A new study has found that females who are in inbred populations become more promiscuous in order to screen out sperm from genetically incompatible males. ANI

Scientists find new 'sugary solution' to prevent sexual transmission of HIV
University of Utah researchers have come closer toward a new treatment to prevent sexual transmission of the AIDS virus, after they discovered a new class of compounds that stick to the sugary coating of the virus and inhibit it from infecting cells. ANI

Why some patients with speech disorders are able to sing songs fluently
After a left-sided stroke, many individuals suffer from serious speech disorders, but are often able to sing complete texts relatively fluently. ANI

NASA's Aquarius produces first global map of ocean salinity
NASA has produced its first global map of the salinity of the ocean surface, thanks to its new Aquarius instrument. ANI

Scientists overturn Einstein's theory by 'breaking speed of light'
Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity, proposed in 1905, states that nothing in the universe can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum. ANI

Facebook's new 'timeline' section lets users frame life story in 1 page
Mark Zuckerberg ignored all the protests of Facebook users at the changes made to news feeds, as he announced more radical shifts to the site with completely new profile pages covering years even before the site was created. ANI

Citizen scientists discover 2 new potential alien planets
So called 'citizen scientists' have discovered two new potential planets that were previously shunned as non-promising candidates by NASA, astronomers at Yale University have announced. ANI

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