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Technology News on September 21, 2011

16 new genes behind high BP identified
Researchers have tracked down more than 16 new gene regions that play an important role in the risk of having high blood pressure and subsequent heart disease. ANI

Soon, immortal stem cells to aid anti-aging therapies
Researchers have shown they can reverse the aging process for human adult stem cells, which are responsible for helping old or damaged tissues regenerate. ANI

1st recurrent gene fusion in ovarian cancer identified
Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have for the first time identified a recurrent gene fusion in ovarian cancer - a discovery that could lead to earlier diagnoses and future therapies. ANI

Our body rids itself of damage when it's time to reproduce and create new life
Researchers from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have discovered how our body rids itself of damage when it is time to reproduce and create new life. ANI

Coming: 'Minority Report'-inspired face recognizing billboards!
Come this fall, interactive billboards that recognize and target passers-by with custom ads, as imagined and portrayed in Tom Cruise-starrer 'Minority Report', will be installed in Los Angeles and New York. ANI

Soon, human heart cells that can be paced with light to repair damage
Stanford researchers have for the first time engineered human heart cells that can be paced with light using a technology called optogenetics. ANI

NASA unveils $1.6bn 'Space Taxi' plan for deep space exploration
NASA, which recently retired its shuttle fleet, has unveiled it plans to hire private "space taxis" to help astronauts commute to the International Space Station (ISS) and low-earth orbit. ANI

Electrical stimulation of brain boosts memory cells
Electrical stimulation a specific region of the brain leads to the production of new brain cells that enhance memory, a new animal study has shown. ANI

Stem cells offer new hopes in fight against cancer
Penn State College of Medicine researchers have suggested that adult stem cells from mice when converted to antigen-specific T cells, the immune cells that fight cancer tumor cells, show promise in cancer immunotherapy. ANI

Russian and Ukrainian 'internet brides' are all the rage with Western men
The number of Western men signing up on the internet to find brides from the East has more than quadrupled since 2005, a leading marriage agency has revealed. ANI

NASA's WISE explorer captures brightest part of black hole's blazing jets
NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) has helped astronomers captured rare data of a flaring black hole, revealing new details about these powerful objects and their blazing jets. ANI

Here's world's smallest camera that is just the size of a fingertip!
A New York firm has developed the world's smallest commercially-available camera that is around the size of a fingertip, but can take two megapixel images and can even shoot video. ANI

Prostate cancer 'wonder' pill launched in UK
A 'miracle' pill that can help prostate cancer patients live around five months longer has been launched in the UK, following a green signal from the European medical authorities earlier this month. ANI

Climatic fluctuations drove key events in human evolution
Research at the University of Liverpool has found that periods of rapid fluctuation in temperature coincided with the emergence of the first distant relatives of human beings and the appearance and spread of stone tools. ANI

People with intuitive thinking have more faith in God
Researchers at Harvard University have found that people with a more intuitive thinking style tend to have stronger beliefs in God than those with a more reflective style. ANI

BP drugs may extend lives of melanoma patients
A new study has found that drugs, commonly used to treat high blood pressure, may also slow the progression of deadly skin cancer melanoma. ANI

Facebook adds real-time news 'ticker' to take on Google+ head on
Social networking giant Facebook is redesigning the home page's news feeds to surface more information that matters to its users. ANI

Swedish woman's face saved by leeches after pet dog bit it off
A Swedish woman's face has been saved by hundreds of leeches after a massive chunk was bitten off by her own pet dog. ANI

Facebook, Twitter killing off art of joke telling
A new survey has revealed that technology has killed off the art of joke telling. ANI

Video games induce players to seek 'violent solutions' for real life problems
Researchers have found that playing video games induce some players to transfer their screen experiences into the real world, prompting thoughts of 'violent solutions' to their problems. ANI

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