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Technology News on September 18, 2011

Scientist sealed himself in airtight box for 2 days to prove value of plants
A Plymouth University Professor has sealed himself in an airtight foliage-filled chamber in a harrowing test designed to demonstrate the importance of plants to human survival as the "lungs of the planet". ANI

How the iPod has remixed the music industry 10 yrs after debut
A Kansas State University assistant professor of music has claimed that the creation of iPod and iTunes has brought about a resurgence of the singles in the music industry in the last 10 years. ANI

Now, 'speaking robots' that teach English 24-hrs a day for just $15 per month
A Japanese company has developed the world's first artificial intelligence "chat robots" to teach English. ANI

Babies as young as 11 months could be brain trained to concentrate
Scientists have found that infants as young as 11 months can be taught to focus attention by using "brain-training" computer games, ANI

Prehistoric fathers 'responsible for mother tongues'
A new study has suggested that our mother tongue may have come from our prehistoric father. ANI

Now, waste orange peel to meet rising fuel demands
Scientists all over the word are toiling day and night to find a way to meet the scarcity of fuel and its rising demands. ANI

Death-anxious people believe in 'Da Vinci Code' conspiracy, not Bible
A new study has found that people, anxious about death, are more prone to believing in the conspiracy theories of Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code' than the Bible. ANI

Male sex hormone behind women's masculine career choices
A new study has found that a person's exposure to certain sex hormones in his/ her mother's uterus will strongly predict career choices made later in life. ANI

Autism, intellectual disability not influenced by socio-economic status
A new research has found that household income level has no association with either intellectual disability (ID) or autism spectrum disorders (ASD). ANI

Americans 'spent 101,000 years of time on Facebook in May 2011'
A newly released report has revealed that Americans spend more time than ever on Facebook. ANI

White LED lights 'more dangerous to our health than orange-yellow light'
A new study has found that exposure to white LED bulbs suppresses our brain's production of melatonin that is responsible, among other things, for the regulation of our biological clock, more than exposure to the bulbs emitting orange-yellow light. ANI

Dangerous mobile phone usage while driving linked to anxiety disorder
Are you addicted to your phone while driving? Well, it could be due to an anxiety disorder, says a new study. ANI

Zombie scare 'did exist in mediaeval Ireland'
Archaeologists have unearthed two eighth-century skeletons in Ireland with stones shoved in their mouths - possibly indicating that people feared their rising up from their graves like zombies. ANI

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