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Technology News on September 16, 2011

Spinal cord cell that could act as stem cell discovered
A group of scientists has discovered a new spinal cord cell, which will function as a stem cell to facilitate the treatments of spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease). ANI

'The more you drink, the greater is the damage to your brain'
A new study has found that chronic misuse of alcohol may reduce brain's cortical thickness and cause extreme harm to frontal and temporal regions. ANI

Brazilian diamonds reveal carbon cycle reaches Earth's lower mantle
Scientists have found that the carbon cycle, upon which most living things depend, reaches much deeper into the Earth than generally supposed, all the way to the lower mantle, after analysing the chemistry of an unusual set of Brazilian diamonds. ANI

Strange stone structures similar to Peru's 'Nazca Lines' discovered in Middle East
Thousands of patterns, almost look-alike of Peru's archaic Nazca Lines, have been found in the Middle East. ANI

Google predicts India to add 200 million Internet users by 2014
Google has predicted that India will add 200 million Internet users by 2014, but Internet firms' survival will be challenging in the wake of television and newspapers grabbing major advertising revenue and the government considering stringent regulations in the information technology sector. ANI

Medicated stents 'cut heart attack risk in cardiac patients'
Cardiac patients receiving medicated stents, a procedure that occurs often when blood vessels are blocked, are less likely to suffer heart attacks or develop new blockages in the vessel downstream from the stent after implantation, say a new study. ANI

Video games may not boost cognition
Much of the work done over the past decade linking video games with better cognitive and multitasking skills is fundamentally flawed, US researchers say. ANI

Coming soon: 'Subconscious' mode that will give smartphones better battery life
Ever felt frustrated when your cell phone battery is dying or dead? Well, researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a new technology that would extend the battery life. ANI

Neanderthal man lived on seafood much earlier than previously thought
New archaeological findings have shown that Neanderthal man lived on a diet of seafood in the caves of southern Spain much longer ago than previously thought. ANI

Mobiles' electromagnetic field suppresses glucose metabolism in brain
A new study has claimed that the electromagnetic field from GSM mobile phones suppresses glucose metabolism in the human brain. ANI

Glow in the dark wound dressing to help spot infections to be available soon
A glow in the dark wound dressing that can help nurses spot infections has been developed, and it could be ready for use on patients within two years. ANI

Beware of wildlife, even in apparently quiet galaxies, warns Iowa State astronomer
Researchers, led by Chris W. Purcell of the University of Pittsburgh, have suggested that the signature spiral arms of the Milky Way galaxy were formed by a collision between the Milky Way and a dwarf galaxy not just once but twice in the last 2 billion years. ANI

Arctic sea ice drops to its 'second lowest ever recorded level'
University of Colorado Boulder's National Snow and Ice Data Centre has revealed that the blanket of sea ice that floats on the Arctic Ocean appears to have reached its lowest extent for 2011, the second lowest recorded since satellites began measuring it in 1979. ANI

Brit man turns his 1980 Vauxhall into world's fastest street-legal car
A 50-year-old man from Britain has turned his tired old car into the world's fastest street-legal car - complete with a MOT. ANI

Babies learn to use words watching the world in motion
Infants at seven to nine months are able to make sense of a world in motion and slice up the flow of events, even before they start to speak, according to new study. ANI

Now, an iPhone app that parks your car for you
An iPhone app that enables motorists to park their vehicles without even being in the driving seat has been unveiled at the 2011 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. ANI

Cities to expand to size of Mongolia in next 20-yrs
A study has revealed that in the next 20 years, more than 590,000 square miles of land - more than twice the size of Texas or about the size of Mongolia - will globally be grabbed by cities. ANI

Colourful dino feathers found trapped in tree resin
Researchers have discovered samples of colourful feathers, possibly belonging to non-avian dinosaurs or birds 80 million years ago, preserved in tree resin that later turned to resilient amber from the Late Cretaceous era. ANI

Mouse genetic blueprint could shed light on human diseases
Sequencing the genomes of 17 different strains of lab mice could help identify genes that contribute to human diseases, U.S. researchers say. ANI

Supermassive black holes found in small distant galaxies
The find of supermassive black holes growing in surprisingly small galaxies suggest that central black holes form at an early stage in galaxy evolution, U.S. astronomers say. ANI

Scientists solve mystery of loner stars
A team of astronomers from Bonn University and the Max-Planck-Institute for Radio astronomy, also in Bonn, has finally solved the mystery of single stars. ANI

Yellow patches around eyelids indicate risk of heart problems
A new study has found that raised yellow patches of skin (xanthelasmata) around the upper or lower eyelids are markers of an individual's increased risk of having a heart attack or suffering from heart disease. ANI

Double-sun planet like Star Wars' Tatooine discovered
NASA's Kepler space telescope has discovered a Saturn-size world orbiting two stars - what's called a circumbinary planet - just like Tatooine, Luke Skywalker's home world in the Star Wars films. ANI

Endeavour crater provides possible evidence of past water on Mars
Scientists have found possible evidence of past water on Mars from the giant impact crater called Endeavour, thanks to the Mars rover Opportunity. ANI

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