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Technology News on September 15, 2011

Novel protein may inhibit breast cancer growth
An Indian-origin scientist has found that a protein earlier discovered by his laboratory can inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. ANI

Voting causes physical and psychological stress
For the first time, researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) have determined scientifically that voting is a stressful event, inducing measurable hormonal changes. ANI

Why African Americans are more likely to die from head and neck cancer
A study has uncovered why African Americans are more likely than Caucasians to be not only diagnosed with head and neck cancer, but also die from the disease. ANI

Older people's memory complaints linked to possible cognitive problems
A new study has found that older individuals, who complain about memory lapses such as having trouble remembering recent events, may be at risk of developing cognitive problems that are greater than typical age-related changes. ANI

New bladeless fan heater heats entire room sans any moving parts
Sir James Dyson's company has developed a new bladeless fan that can quickly warm an entire room without any visible moving parts. ANI

Scientists 'turning to woolly mammoth to develop artificial human blood'
Scientists have discovered how the blood of woolly mammoths may hold the key to developing new artificial blood products for humans - a finding that may be useful in hypothermia induced during heart and brain surgeries. ANI

How the Permo-Triassic mass extinction originated
Scientists have provided new clue to the cause of Earth's largest environmental catastrophe, the Permo-Triassic mass extinction, when eruption of giant masses of magma in Siberia 250 million years ago led to extinction of more than 90 percent of all species. ANI

Soon! Heart pill to replace pacemaker
US scientists are getting closer to developing a pill that could mimic the effects of a pacemaker. ANI

Synthetic yeast to pave way for on-demand 'evolution' of organisms
Scientists have replaced the DNA in the arm of a yeast chromosome with computer-designed, synthetically produced DNA, to pave the way for on-demand "evolution" of organisms. ANI

Youngest ever dinosaur fossil found in Maryland
Paleontologists at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have described a fossil, unearthed 14 years ago at College Park, Maryland, as the youngest nodosaur ever discovered. ANI

Understanding factors of post-cancer treatment fatigue optimises recovery
A Spanish research has established that tiredness and physical fatigue are associated with recovery in more than 66 percent breast cancer patients, therefore understanding factors related with fatigue and how it can be alleviated optimises survivors' recovery. ANI

Evaporated water from vegetation helps in global cooling
A new study has found that evaporated water helps cool the earth as a whole and not just a local area, showing that water evaporated from trees and lakes could have a cooling effect on the entire atmosphere. ANI

Snails may have flown over Mexico in bellies of birds
Once in a great while, snails successfully crossed Central America by flying over Mexico stuck to the legs or riding on the bellies of shorebirds, a new study has found. ANI

Twitter to allow brands to advertise in user's timeline
Micro-blogging site Twitter will now allow brands to advertise in a user's timeline, regardless of whether they follow the advertiser or not. ANI

Preserving old-growth rainforests vital for future of tropical biodiversity
An international study initiated by a late Indian-origin scientist have found that primary forests - those least disturbed old-growth forests - sustain the highest levels of biodiversity and are vital to many tropical species. ANI

NASA designs heavy-lift rocket to send man farther into space than ever before
NASA has announced the design of a new Space Launch System that will take the agency's astronauts farther into space than ever before, create high-quality jobs, and provide the cornerstone for America's future human space exploration efforts. ANI

Neutron star mocks normal models for thermonuclear explosions
Amsterdam astronomers have discovered a neutron star that mocks existing models for thermonuclear explosions. ANI

Preschoolers' intuitive number skills predicts math performance in school
The accuracy with which preschoolers estimate quantities, predicts their mathematics ability in elementary school, according to a new study. ANI

Intergalactic collisions created Milky Way's spectacular spiral arms
UC Irvine astronomers have shown how the Milky Way galaxy got its spectacular spiral arms. ANI

Gene behind optimism, self-esteem and mastery identified
UCLA life scientists have identified for the first time the gene that makes you feel optimistic, boosts your self-esteem and inculcates 'mastery' - the belief that one has control over one's own life. ANI

Scientists convert uterine stem cells into insulin-producing cells to treat diabetes
Stem cells from the lining of the uterus were converted into insulin-producing cells to treat diabetes in mice, according to Yale School of Medicine researchers. ANI

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