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Technology News on September 12, 2011

Audi's bizarre concept car - Spyder, unveiled!
German motor giant Audi has unveiled its bizarre new concept car at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. ANI

New study finds potential therapy for tumour-associated epilepsy
Glioma, one of the most deadly and common types of brain tumour, is often associated with seizures, but the origins of these seizures and effective treatments for them have been elusive until now. ANI

Brit man becomes international star with 1m regular viewers on YouTube
A British man has become an international star after he became the first to generate a million regular viewers on YouTube through his web channel. ANI

Scientists produce 1st detailed map of human neuroreceptor
Researchers at the University of Southern California have produced the world's first high-resolution images of the human neuroreceptor. ANI

New imager gives soldiers "Predator"-style vision to spot terrorists better
A newly made thermal imager amplifies the vision of the war fighter to a different spectrum, thereby giving the soldier a super vision. ANI

Internet blamed for hike in girls running away with men they meet online
The trend of teenage girls disappearing with older men they met through work, friends or over the internet has been on the rise in Australia, with investigators handling 80 such cases a year. ANI

Continued global warming could result in future sea-level changes
A new method of dating fossil coral reef skeletons has provided evidence that the sea levels may not remain as stable in a warming world as previously believed, a new study has revealed. ANI

Soon, online 3D mannequins to help you find the perfect fit
Shoppers who struggle to find the perfect fit can smile, as they will soon have online 3D mannequins coming to their aid. ANI

Bats learn to hunt by eavesdropping on sonar of other bats
A team of scientists has found that big brown bats learn to hunt by eavesdropping on the sonar of other bats. ANI

Internet boom likely to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in UK
The European head of search engine giant Google has predicted that despite the economic downturn hundreds of thousands of jobs could be opened up in Britain within five years because of a boom in internet businesses. ANI

Chemical found in crocuses can kill tumours in one treatment
Scientists have turned a chemical found in crocuses into a "smart bomb" that targets cancerous tumours. ANI

Breath, sweat, skin being used to detect humans trapped in buildings
Scientists have found a way to use molecules in breath, sweat and skin of humans to detect them when they are trapped in collapsed buildings. ANI

Glow in the dark cats could help find cure for HIV
Scientists have developed glow in the dark cats with intrinsic immunity to the feline AIDS virus to help combat the disease in cats and humans. ANI

Over 20 new gene targets to treat high BP identified
Researchers have tracked down more than 20 new gene regions that play an important role in the risk of having high blood pressure. ANI

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