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Technology News on September 10, 2011

Human brains hardwired to respond to animals
US researchers have found that a certain area of the human brain is hard-wired by evolution to preferentially respond to images of animals over other objects. ANI

Scientists shut down cancer gene function
The function of a cancer gene involved in the formation of most human tumours has been successfully disrupted by tampering with the gene's "on" switch and growth signals, rather than targeting the gene itself. ANI

Whole-parasite vaccine shows strong promise in battling malaria
A malaria vaccine that uses the entire malaria parasite has for the first time proven safe and shown promise to produce a strong immune response in a clinical trial. ANI

Babies begin to recognize pain right before birth
Babies can tell the difference between pain and basic touch just before they are born, a new study has shown. ANI

The 'happy gene' that makes you happy
A study has revealed that those born with a "happy gene" tend to be smiley, cheerful and more positive persons. ANI

UFOs spotted over football stadium as game is halted due to lightning storm
A UFO was spotted streaking across the sky by football fans at an Indiana stadium, where the game had been halted due to a lightning storm. ANI

Scientists reduce life-threatening side effects of diabetes drugs
Prototype drugs having powerful anti-diabetic effects, and yet apparently free - at least in mice - of dangerous side effects plaguing some current diabetes medications have been created. ANI

Soon, phones that let you feel your lover's kiss
Ever imagined yourself sharing a kiss with your own phone? Well, now with the development of a series of phone prototypes, that could be a possibility. ANI

Six-ton satellite set to plummet back to Earth after running out of fuel
A six-ton satellite that is spinning out of control is set to plunge back to Earth some time this month after it ran out of fuel in 2005. ANI

Secret to Abbey Crouch, Tess Daly's pert bottoms - free mobile phone app
Lingerie model Abbey Crouch and television presenter Tess Daly have revealed the secret to their pert behinds, and they say it is all due to a free mobile phone app. ANI

Google uses more power than most populated Salt Lake City of US
The amount of electricity consumed by the search giant Google to run its huge server farms is more than the power required by America's most populated city of Utah, it has emerged. ANI

Google Street View captures image of n*ked US woman outside her home
Google Street View has captured images of a drunk in Australia and teenagers kissing in England, but now it has photographed a n*ked Florida woman standing outside her home. ANI

Early motor experiences improve infants' social development
Researchers have revealed that early motor experiences can shape infants' preferences for objects and faces. ANI

Internet addiction 'weakening our mental capabilities'
Surfing the Internet is changing the way our brains work, reducing our ability to think and concentrate, a leading psychologist in the UK has warned. ANI

Hormone levels can predict premature death in kidney patients
High levels of a specific hormone can predict which kidney patients will develop heart problems, require dialysis or die prematurely, according to researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. ANI

Use of birth control pills alters memory
A new UC Irvine research has found that women who use contraceptives like birth control pills experience memory changes. ANI

Here's why male and female orgasms are poles apart
A new study has tried to shed light on the evolution of the female orgasm, which has remained a mystery among evolutionary biologists. ANI

Low WiFi signal? Try a beer can to give it a boost
Boosting WiFi signals with a parabolic antenna made from a beer can and slipping it over the wireless router's own antenna has become the latest 'remarkably simple' DIY cellphone hack which has become an instant hit with guzzlers. ANI

The 'find my car' phone app that spots your limo in crowded parking lots
In an Australian first, Westfield has launched a new mobile phone application that allows shoppers to find their parked car by simply entering its license plate number. ANI

Couple travel around the world on waste cooking oil
A couple has travelled around the world in a 22-year-old Mercedes school bus by using waste cooking oil for fuel. ANI

How people who inherit the 'happy gene' are born optimists
Scientists have found that some people are born optimists because they have inherited a "happy gene". ANI

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