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Technology News on October 8, 2011

Leaping fish give clues to evolutionary land invasion
Researchers at Northern Arizona University have suggested that vertebrates may have invaded land more frequently than previously thought after they found that mosquitofish can move outside of water with apparent skill and purpose. ANI

New pills to treat neurological diseases come closer to reality
University of Notre Dame researchers have made a promising step on the road to developing new drugs for a variety of neurological diseases, by focusing on the design, synthesis and evaluation of water-soluble "gelatinase inhibitor" compounds. ANI

Athletes' brains can extend body limits for final push to victory
A new scientific survey has suggested that an athlete's ability to push themselves to the limit is created by the brain's need to win. ANI

Now, new smartphone that combines private and business content
A new smartphone has been developed that offers two protected areas for data and applications and can identify whether content belongs to a business or a private application. ANI

Now, a device that allows users to play with their cats while outside
A new device has been launched that allows users to play with their cats while sitting in their office or lying on the beach. ANI

'Most expensive' domain name sold for $500,000 to p*rn company
The internet address has been sold to a p*rn production company for 500000 dollars, making it the most expensive domain name sold in an extension that is not yet publicly open for registration. ANI

Mars Express observes clusters of recent craters on Martian surface
Newly released images taken by ESA's Mars Express show an unusual accumulation of young craters in the large outflow channel called Ares Vallis, while older craters have been reduced to ghostly outlines by the scouring effects of ancient water. ANI

How our brains smell roses before our noses do!
Before you "stop and smell the roses," it's likely your brain is already preparing your sensory system for that familiar floral smell, US researchers say. ANI

Genetic link to suicidal behaviour confirmed
A new study from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has found evidence that a specific gene is linked to suicidal behaviour. ANI

Caffeine use may help predict risk of drug abuse
A person's response to caffeine may predict how he or she will respond to other stimulant drugs, such as amphetamine and cocaine, according to a new study. ANI

New map reveals titanium treasure troves on Moon's surface
Astronomers have created a detailed map of the Moon combining observations in visible and ultraviolet wavelengths that shows a treasure trove of areas rich in titanium ores. ANI

YouTube to show full length films for just 2.49 pounds per movie
Video-sharing website YouTube has signed a deal with studios including Warner Bros and Universal, which would allow people in the UK to watch full length films for the first time for just 2.49 pounds per movie. ANI

Genetic mutation behind 'life-threatening' hypoglycaemia
Researchers have revealed that the cause of a rare and severe form of hypoglycaemia - or very low levels of sugar in the blood - is genetic. ANI

Facebook refuses to take down offensive 'rape joke' page despite outrage
Social networking giant Facebook has refused to remove a controversial page that has been heavily criticized for making jokes about rape. ANI

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