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Technology News on October 7, 2011

rtificial photosynthesis breakthrough makes CO2-turned fuel a reality
American scientists have overcome a major obstacle in efforts to use CO2 emissions to produce liquid fuel. ANI

Sun's UV rays more carcinogenic than thought
The Sun's UV rays are even more damaging than once thought, UK researchers say. ANI

World's oldest temples 'were houses for men, not gods'
An archaeologist at the University of Toronto is arguing that the ancient structures uncovered in Turkey and thought to be the world's oldest temples may not have been strictly religious buildings after all. ANI

White surpasses silver as most popular car colour
The colour white has become the most popular colour for a car after silver remained at top for a decade. ANI

Got a pain in your neck? It might be 'text neck' from mobile phone overuse
Mobile phone users take note. You are at a high risk of developing a new condition, coined as "text neck", due to the amount of time you spend hunched over your gadgets. ANI

Now, use your phone to measure your heart rhythm, respiration, pulse rate
A team of researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute has turned a smartphone into a sophisticated monitoring app that can capture and transmit vital physiological data. ANI

Meet Ecco - the space-age campervan that opens like a Swiss army knife
Design experts in Switzerland have unveiled plans of a futuristic campervan that doubles in size by flipping open like a Swiss army knife. ANI

Energy levels of Crab Pulsar emissions higher than expected
An international team of astrophysicists has spotted pulsed gamma ray emissions coming from the Crab Pulsar with energies far higher than expected, surpassing what current theoretical models of pulsars can explain. ANI

Chivalry is not dead, at least among crickets
Contrary to popular belief that chivalry - which is long dead and gone - is a trait only held by humans, new research has shown that some insects apparently put the lives of their mating partners ahead of their own. ANI

How your brain could help fix your diabetes
The cure for diabetes could be sitting in our brains, Japanese researchers say. ANI

Astronomers discover 2 hidden alien planets from 13-yr-old Hubble data
Astronomers have tracked two elusive extrasolar planets that went undetected in image data from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope for 13 years. ANI

20pc of asteroids have moons too!
That some planets have moons is old news but what's surprising is some asteroids do, too. ANI

Mine-hunting software can revolutionize identifying human cancer cells
A new software developed for finding and recognizing undersea mines can help doctors identify and classify cancer-related cells. ANI

Venus has ozone layer over atmosphere just like Earth and Mars
A spacecraft orbiting Venus has discovered an ozone layer high in the planet's atmosphere, similar to that surrounding Earth and Mars, astronomers say. ANI

How 'oddball' Uranus ended up with its highly eccentric axis
Uranus' highly tilted axis makes it an oddball in our Solar System. The accepted wisdom is that Uranus was knocked on its side by a single large impact, but now a new research has finally solved the mystery of how Uranus became so tilted. ANI

Marijuana extract may prevent nerve pain post chemotherapy
A marijuana extract called 'Cannabidiol' could help prevent painful neuropathy in patients receiving the chemotherapy drug paclitaxel, according to new animal experiments. ANI

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