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Technology News on October 6, 2011

Spraying insecticide bendiocarb indoors dramatically reduces malaria transmission
A new study has found that indoor spraying with the insecticide bendiocarb dramatically reduced malaria transmission in many parts of Benin, Africa. ANI

Turbulent gas in our Milky Way looks like 'cesspit of writhing snakes'
Scientists have made the first picture of turbulent gas in our Milky Way that looks like a pit of writhing snakes. ANI

New vending machine that delivers hot, fresh pizza in just 90 secs!
A New York entrepreneur has created a pizza vending machine that can make and deliver hot, fresh pizzas to you in just 90 seconds. ANI

How London's trees are improving air quality by filtering out pollutants
Scientists at the University of Southampton have shown how London's trees can improve air quality by filtering out pollution particulates, which are damaging to human health. ANI

UK man hails power of Facebook after using it to catch burglar
A 59-year-old man in Britain hailed the power of Facebook after he used the social networking site to catch a bugler. ANI

Protein discovery could pave way for new breast cancer therapy
The discovery that the Tyk2 protein helps suppress the growth and metastasis of breast tumors could lead to a possible new target for breast cancer therapy, says a new study. ANI

How male flies' courtship song 'turns on' female's immune system
The rhythmic buzzing of a male fruit fly's courtship song is an exciting sound for a female, as it literally turns her on. ANI

Earliest caddisfly fossils found in 100-million-year-old Burmese amber
German scientists have revealed a new genus of caddisfly, which has been named Palerasnitsynus. ANI

Ancient Mayan road buried by volcanic ash unearthed in El Salvador
Archaeologists excavating a Maya village in El Salvador buried by a volcanic eruption 1,400 years ago have unexpectedly dug up an ancient white road that leads to and from the town, which was frozen in time by a blanket of ash. ANI

ESA's Euclid to probe mysterious 'dark energy'
The European Space Agency (ESA) has selected a mission to investigate the mysterious "dark energy" and the accelerating expansion of the universe. ANI

Scientist proves 'mythical' triple rainbows actually exist
A scientist has confirmed the occurrence of a mythical phenomenon, called tertiary rainbows - three rainbows arcing through the sky at once - with real photographs of the events. ANI

Intelligence may be deciding factor behind individual being 'good or great'
A Michigan State University scientist has refuted a popular theory that intelligence only goes so far in determining excellence, but suggests it might sometimes be the deciding factor between good and great. ANI

Saturn's moon Enceladus could make 'best ski resort' in space
High resolution mapping of Saturn's moon has confirmed that the unique little world is covered in 'snowy' slopes, which would be perfect for skiing, according to a lunar scientist. ANI

Collective feeling drives people to offer bribes
Researchers at the University of Toronto, including one of an Indian-origin, have found a surprising reason behind why some places are more prone to bribery and corruption than others - collectivism. ANI

How hungry babies sniff out their mum's milk
A new research has found that hungry newborns are guided to their mother's breast by their noses because tiny glands on the areola produce a fluid with a smell that they find irresistible. ANI

Samsung sues Apple for iPhone 4S patent infringement
Samsung has filed patent infringement claim against Apple's new iPhone 4S in order to stop it from being sold in France and Italy, ANI

Having 'heavy' heart? Blame it on your gene
British researchers have identified a gene that seems to hold the key to causing an enlarged or "heavy" heart. ANI

Soon, 'robotic exoskeletons' to help paralysed 'feel' items via brainwaves
Monkeys trained to move and identify the texture of virtual objects could pave the way for the development of a "robotic exoskeleton" that can restore movement and sensation to paralysed people, researchers say. ANI

False, illusory memories can still be salutary
False memories do not always bring harm, but are evolutionarily adaptive and remain useful for psychological well-being and problem-solving, a British researcher says. ANI

Winning is everywhere in the brain when we play games
Textbooks say sensations of reward are at the centre of the brain, but a new study by Yale researchers has suggested that winning is all over our brain when we play games. ANI

Our last universal common ancestor LUCA more complex than thought
The great-grandparent of all living things, dubbed the Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA), was a sophisticated organism after all, with a complex structure recognizable as a cell, researchers say. ANI

Earth's oceans 'may have originated from comets billions of years ago'
Astronomers using ESA's Herschel Space Observatory have for the first time found water on a comet that contains the same chemical signature as Earth's oceans. ANI

You are what you have experienced
In addition to our genes, our life experiences are important influences on our levels of anxiety and depression, according to a new study. ANI

Human embryos created from skin cells bring cloning closer to reality
It might not be too far when babies are cloned in the lab, with the advancement scientists are making in stem cell research. ANI

You can literally 'wash away your troubles and pain' with soap
You can indeed wash away your troubles and pain with soap and water, a US researcher says. ANI

Carbon find in distant galaxy may yield clues about chemical nature of humans
Astronomers have successfully detected a carbon emission line (CIV, 154.9 nm) in the most distant radio galaxy known so far in the early universe, using the Subaru Telescope. ANI

Steve Jobs' death breaks Twitter record with 10,000 tweets per second
The death of Apple's visionary leader Steve Jobs has provoked the biggest online reaction of any event in recent history, as the official twitter figures reached 10,000 tweets per second. ANI

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