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Technology News on October 5, 2011

Humans and chimpanzees have similar thighbone muscle attachment
Anthropologists of Zurich University have found that although humans and chimpanzees move quite differently, muscle attachment sites at their thighbones are quite similar. ANI

Female sex hormone behind age-related weight gain
That women gain weight as they grow older is no secret. But now a new study has identified the unsuspected role of sex hormone estrogen in those burgeoning waistlines. ANI

Rapid infrastructural development making China a 'carbonizing dragon': Study
The rise in the construction of buildings, power-plants and roads has caused a substantial increase in China's carbon emission growth, a new study has revealed. ANI

Like humans, crows can distinguish between numerical symbols
A new study has found that crows possess the human ability to distinguish between symbols representing different quantities. ANI

Frequently used weight-loss method is not effective
A new study has revealed that there is no convincing evidence that transtheoretical model stages of change (TTM SOC) method, which is frequently used to help obese and overweight people lose weight, is effective. ANI

Single dose of cortison may help prevent traumatic stress
A quick injection can prevent post-traumatic stress disorder in 60 percent of those who experience trauma, researchers say. ANI

Musical training ups kids' verbal IQ
Pre-schoolers can improve their verbal intelligence within 20 days of classroom instruction using interactive, music-based cognitive training cartoons, Canadian scientists say. ANI

Hormone deficiency makes narcoleptics prone to gaining weight
A new study, led by an Indian-origin scientist, has claimed that the deficiency of the neuropeptide hormone orexin, an ingredient that encourages hunger and wakefulness, is the reason why narcoleptics get fat. ANI

Persistent global warming could bring down herbivore populations
Herbivore populations will go down as temperatures go up, causing large shifts in food chains with consequences for global food security and species conservation, Canadian researchers have warned. ANI

Mary Shelley's account of 'Frankenstein shining moon' proved real
Astronomers have confirmed that the "shining moon" over Lake Geneva that inspired an 18-year-old Mary Shelley to write 'Frankenstein' is actually true, going against critics who said it was nothing but a made up story to sell her novel. ANI

Arctic sea ice dips to second-lowest level
Sea ice covering the Arctic Ocean declined last month to the second-lowest extent on record, NASA officials said Tuesday. ANI

Lungfish provide insights into evolution of life on land 400 million years ago
A study into the muscle development of several different fish has provided insights into the genetic leap that set the scene for the evolution of hind legs in terrestrial animals. ANI

Subaru Telescope discovers most distant and ancient supernovae samples
An international team of scientists has assembled the largest sample ever found of the most distant and ancient supernovae, thanks to the Subaru Telescope. ANI

Now, monitor NFL fans' excitement levels through Twitter sans TV
A computer program, which can tell within seconds when touchdowns, interceptions and other big plays occur during the Nation Football League has been created. ANI

Pumice rocks may have harboured earliest forms of life on Earth
A new hypothesis on the origin of life has claimed that the pumice, a glassy, porous rock, may have given rise to early forms of life. ANI

Why some of us have a better memory of reality
Researchers from the Cambridge University have suggested that variation in a part of the brain may explain why some people are better at keeping track of reality than others. ANI

Apple's iPhone 4S may fail to impress fans waiting for 'better, bold' iPhone 5
Apple has unveiled the latest version of its popular iPhone, but it is likely to disappoint fans waiting for the widely rumoured iPhone 5. ANI

Log on to Fakegirlfriend,co to bag dates by getting lover's jealous!
A new service has been launched in the market that offers texts and phone calls from a fake girlfriend to inspire jealousy in a girl they like or just to overcome the embarrassment of one's single status. ANI

Daily pill that could reverse diabetes offers hope to millions
A daily pill that could cure diabetes is one step closer to reality, thanks to the efforts by the researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis who discovered how to reverse the condition. ANI

Kepler spacecraft discovers 2 Neptune-sized planets and a super-Earth
Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have discovered an unusual multiple-planet system containing a super-Earth and two Neptune-sized planets orbiting in resonance with each other using NASA's planet hunting Kepler Space Telescope. ANI

Scientists devise 'micro golf putter' to test 'dead or alive' status of cells
Researchers from Nagoya University in Japan have proved a long-standing theory of cell stickiness that determines whether they are death or alive, using a highly sensitive micro golf putter. ANI

Blame teens' stroppy and anti-social behaviour on their brains
Scientists have suggested that teenagers could be stroppy and anti-social simply because their brains are not working properly. ANI

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