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Technology News on October 30, 2011

Diode lasers as comfortable for human eyes as LEDs
Diode lasers can serve as the perfect alternative to LEDs, as both of them are equally comfortable for human eyes, a new study has suggested. ANI

Drug tests on animals nothing to be ashamed of, says Brit scientist
A British scientist has said that medicines tested on animals should be labelled safe for humans.obert Winston, who is a Fertility expert and TV presenter, wants to revolutionise the public's attitude to animal testing and tackle the animal rights lobby head-on. ANI

Potential risk factors for severe altitude sickness identified
Measuring specific, exercise-related factors can help physicians determine who may be more at risk for severe high altitude illness (SHAI), French researchers say. ANI

Soon, your phone may measure stress levels!
An Indian-origin scientist is developing a new application to use the phone's microphone to monitor stress levels in speech to help avoid them. ANI

Cotton to be turned into high-tech fabric to monitor high-risk patients
Scientists are now envisioning hospital gowns that monitor medical patients and jerseys that test athletic performance, according to a new research. ANI

Quantum technology allows secure submarine communications
A US defence firm has come up with a technique called quantum key distribution (QKD) to tackle the biggest technological challenge US navy is facing to establish secure submarine communications links. ANI

Facebook, Twitter users making money by promoting companies
Facebook and Twitter users are bombarding their friends on the social networking sites with advertisements to earn extra cash from businesses hoping to boost sales. ANI

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