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Technology News on October 29, 2011

Black holes surrounded by 'dust clouds' of smashed-up planets
Fat doughnut-shaped dust shrouds that obscure about half of supermassive black holes could be the result of high speed crashes between planets and asteroids, according to a new theory from an international team of astronomers. ANI

Trance stare confirms existence of genuine hypnotic state
For the past hundred years, researchers have considered 'hypnosis' as a popular myth in psychology. ANI

Technologies making easier for 'inclined' couples to cheat
Couples with the propensity to cheat are finding it easier to do so with the help of Internet, social networking and smartphones, experts have claimed. ANI

Cure to parasitic roundworm found in its genes
An international team of researchers has sequenced the draft genome of Ascaris suum, a parasitic roundworm of pig, paving the way for the development of new and urgently needed interventions (drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tests) against ascariasis and other nematodiases. ANI

Hackers attempt to crack 600,000 Facebook accounts per day
Hackers attempt to break into at least 600,000 Facebook accounts every day, the social networking giant has revealed. ANI

Nokia releases prototype phone that can bend and twist
Nokia has unveiled a flexible OLED smartphone concept 'the Kinetic' - which is capable of physically bending and twisting. ANI

Cigarettes from genetically altered tobacco may help quit smoking
A research company in North Carolina is testing new experimental cigarettes made of genetically altered tobacco to lower the nicotine content by 97 percent while preserving all the other tastes and smells and rituals for smokers of conventional cigarettes. ANI

Einstein's speed of light put to test once again
Scientists at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), who recently claimed that the speed of light is quicker than estimated by Albert Einstein, are testing their findings once more following criticism from the scientific community. ANI

Bathrooms to become interactive by 2021
A bathroom where everything is perfect - lighting, water temperature - plus electronic walls and shower curtains showing TV, internet or social networking sites. ANI

Google's search algorithm suggests 'Romney can't win' 2012 Presidential election
Google's mysterious search algorithm has apparently decided that US presidential contender Mitt Romney has poor chances of winning the 2012 election. ANI

Google+ now available to 40 million Google Apps users
Google+ has opened up access to its 40 million Google Apps customers around the world, and has added some new features. ANI

Why cell phone conversations are hard to grasp
A new study has found that cell phones cut off the highest-pitched ranges of our voices that convey a surprising amount of information, making it hard for others to hear us. ANI

Why most dieters regain weight after a year
More than 80 per cent of obese dieters fail to maintain their reduced weight after one year of initial weight loss due to hormonal changes, a new study has revealed. ANI

Samsung takes over from Apple as world's biggest smartphone seller
South Korean mobile manufacturer Samsung has displaced Apple as the largest seller of smartphones, shipping 28 million handsets in the last quarter. ANI

Activity of dreaming brain measured for first time
Scientists have for the first time measured how the images and emotions that we experience so intensively when we dream form in our heads. ANI

New therapy can fight heart disease by raising good cholesterol
A new therapy that helps increase good cholesterol and lower triglycerides in the blood could be a potential tool for combating cardiovascular disease, US researchers say. ANI

Lung regeneration for respiratory disorders comes closer to reality
Lung regeneration - an advance that could effectively treat millions of people suffering from respiratory disorders - could soon be a reality, thanks to a new discovery by researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College. ANI

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