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Technology News on October 24, 2011

Perfect drug combos to combat severe diseases come closer to reality
Researchers have found a way of identifying ideal drug combinations, which could help prevent inflammation. ANI

Biofuel production from forests 'will increase greenhouse gas emissions'
A new study has revealed that production of biofuel from West Coast forests would increase carbon dioxide emissions from these forests at least 14 percent, if the efficiency of such operations is optimal. ANI

Flood-tolerant crops come closer to reality
A team of experts at the University of Nottingham and the University of California, Riverside, has identified the molecular mechanism plants use to sense low oxygen levels, which could eventually lead to the production of high-yielding, flood-tolerant crops. ANI

Use of 'poisonous' bath salts as new recreational drugs 'skyrocketing'
Bath salts, which are considered unsafe for human consumption, are increasingly being used as recreational drugs, US researchers say. ANI

Radioactive hot spot detected in Japan's Kashiwa city linked to Fukushima fallout
A radioactive hot-spot detected in Kashiwa city in Japan's Chiba Prefecture is emanating from cesium that was probably ejected by the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, researchers have said. ANI

Soon, 'fuel stations' in space to help rockets in long-distance space travel
NASA has recently projected its plan to set up fuel stations in the sky, which would make it possible for astronauts to explore distant destinations. ANI

Girls exposed to BPA in womb at risk of behavioural problems
Exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) before birth may cause behavioural and emotional problems in girls, according to a new study. ANI

Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction improves women's sexual well-being
A new study has found that women who undergo breast reconstruction with tissue from their own abdomen after a mastectomy experience significant gains in psychological, social, and sexual well-being as soon as three weeks after surgery. ANI

Now, wireless bicycle brake that 'only fails 3 times in trillion attempts'
German scientists have developed a wireless bicycle brake that fails only three times in a trillion attempts, and the developers say it could revolutionise control systems. ANI

Apple "cracked" how to build "completely easy to use" integrated TV: Jobs' biographer
Apple has "cracked" how to build an integrated television that is "completely easy to use", Steve Jobs revealed to his biographer. ANI

Soon, new tools to predict spread of breast cancer
Researchers have now come up with a new method to detect which breast cancer will spread and to what extent, which may lead to new ways to test drugs that may stop its spread. ANI

Apple's iPad may lose market share to Google Android tablets: Study
Sales of tablet computers running Google's Android software rose more than ten-fold in the last year, as new figures suggest that Apple's iPad may finally be facing serious competition. ANI

Sleeping sickness drug may help prevent skin cancer
Researchers have revealed that an antiparasitic agent used to treat African sleeping sickness might someday be used to prevent nonmelanoma skin cancers. ANI

NSAID use cuts risk of colorectal cancer death in postmenopausal women
A new study has found that postmenopausal women who used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for at least 10 years had a lower risk for death from colorectal cancer compared with women who do not these drugs. ANI

Indian study fixes 'lazy eye' in older kids using video game treatment
An Indian study has found that a new treatment that includes playing video games along with standard therapy could help correct amblyopia, also called "lazy eye" in older children. ANI

Facebook's automatic 'friend request' glitch angers users
Facebook has been slammed by many of its users who claimed that the social network automatically sends "friend requests" to people they want to avoid. ANI

Laser lens fragmentation could revolutionize cataract surgery
Use of a special femtosecond laser can make cataract surgery safer and more efficient than today's standard procedure, a new study has suggested. ANI

Spider venom could hold key to treating breast cancer
Venom from funnel-web spiders and tarantulas could be used to kill breast cancer cells, Australian researchers say. ANI

German satellite ROSAT crashes in Southeast Asia
The defunct German research satellite named ROSAT has crashed into the Earth somewhere in Southeast Asia on Sunday, but the exact location is not known so far, a US scientist has said. ANI

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