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Technology News on October 23, 2011

Why most computers have female automated voices
Scientists have now come up with the underlying reasons that can possibly justify the domination of female automated voices in computers. ANI

Now, a baby friendly iPhone 'Apptivity' case to help toddlers learn, play
A toy brand has launched a new iPhone case, 'Apptivity' which will protect the phone from being mishandled by the toddlers and yet help them learn and play with the baby friendly applications included in the case. ANI

World's largest human fossil cast collection opens for public
World's largest collection of human fossil casts has been opened for public view and handling. ANI

Blackbeard's cannon to be recovered next Wednesday
Scientists are preparing to recover an eight-foot, one-ton cannon as early as Wednesday, October 26, from the 300-year-old wreck of the notorious pirate Blackbeard's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge. ANI

Tapping to the beat enriches listening experience
Tapping to the beat measurably enriches the listening experience, broadening our capacity to understand timing and rhythm, Canadian researchers say. ANI

Why Neanderthals were short-legged
Neanderthals' short legs are thought to be as a result of the cold climate they lived in. ANI

Will future bathrooms become social hubs as well?
Ubiquitous gadgetry may soon invade our bathrooms as well, as a report has suggested that bathrooms of the future are likely to become incredibly hi-tech. ANI

Old people read iPads three times faster than printed books
It is the elderly people who seem to have benefited most from the burgeoning popularity of iPads, as a study has revealed that they can read three times faster on iPads as compared to traditional books. ANI

Banana peels - the low-cost natural water purifier!
Banana peels, useful in polishing silverware and leather shoes, may have another surprising use -as a water purifier. ANI

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