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Technology News on October 20, 2011

German satellite ROSAT to crash to Earth within hours!
A dead 2.4 ton satellite is hurtling towards Earth and is expected to crash down as early as Friday (Oct. 21). ANI

Washing machines behind ocean 'microplastic' pollution
Household washing machines are a major source of so-called "microplastic" pollution - bits of polyester and acrylic smaller than the head of a pin littering ocean shorelines worldwide, researchers say. ANI

Revolutionary eye-tracking technology to break man-machine distinction
A new research has claimed that a revolutionary eye-tracking technology will break down the rigid distinctions between humans and machines. ANI

Hendra virus vaccine comes closer to reality
A revolutionary new human antibody is showing promise against deadly Hendra virus, US researchers say. ANI

Star's spiral arms indicate presence of planets
Astronomers have for the first time spotted a disk of gas and dust around a Sun-like star that shows spiral-arm-like structures. ANI

Hawaii astronomer captures planet as it is forming
Astronomers have captured the first direct image of a planet in the process of forming around its star. ANI

Lactating mothers most sensitive to babies' distress calls
A mother's ability to recognize and respond to distress calls from her pups is acquired from alterations in brain function associated with the integration of odours and sounds, researchers say. ANI

Iron 'likely culprit behind probiotic blocker during active IBD'
A new study has found a scientific 'design' for a probiotic that could be used to treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), such as Crohn's disease. ANI

Now, cheap blood test to predict breast cancer relapse risk
A simple and cheap blood test that can predict which women with the most common type of breast cancer are at risk of the disease returning. ANI

Enthusiasts calculate value of 'pi' to more than 10 trillion digits
A computer scientist based in US and a systems engineer in Japan have together calculated the value of mathematical constant 'pi' up to a little more than 10 trillion digits. ANI

Common link between autism, diabetes identified
A new study has revealed a possible link between autism and type 2 diabetes. ANI

Oxygen-breathing life on land began earlier than thought
Oxygen-breathing bacteria may have thrived on land 100 million years earlier than previously thought, new evidence suggests. ANI

Computer games can help treat Parkinson's disease
Playing computer-based physical therapy games can help people with Parkinson's disease improve their gait and balance, according to a new study. ANI

Comet storm detected in nearby solar system
Icy comets could be bombarding an alien solar system in a storm resembling the one that is thought to have brought water and other life-forming ingredients to Earth several billion years ago, a new study has revealed. ANI

Teens' IQs can leap or fall as brain changes
IQ, the standard measure of intelligence, had been thought to be unchanging over the course of a lifetime. ANI

Coldest 'brown dwarf' caught on lens outside our solar system
A new photograph of a planet-like companion that has been obtained is being claimed to be the coldest object ever caught on lens outside our solar system. ANI

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