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Technology News on October 2, 2011

Reefs coped mass extinction earlier than Earth
Researchers had always assumed it took the Earth as long as five million years to recover from the species collapse. ANI

'Micro' chemo and cancer pill combo approved for liver cancer patients
A combination of an oral drug, called sorafenib, and a method for injecting microbeads of chemotherapy drug, doxorubicin, directly into tumors have been approved to treat liver cancer. ANI

New surgery removes tumours from nose sans scalpel or scars
A revolutionary new form of surgery that allows brain tumours to be removed without making a single incision is set to transform the field of medicine. ANI

Coming soon, the 100-yr starship to send humans for interstellar travel
Humans have sent probes to planets and asteroids throughout our solar system. But we've never come close to propelling a manmade object as far as another star. ANI

Facebook, not literary history, inspire today's young poets
Britain's newest generation of poets is finding inspiration in modern technology, rather than literary history, experts say. ANI

Celebrity stylist Nicky Clarke's 'touch-sensitive' hairdryer unveiled!
Celebrity stylist Nicky Clarke has unveiled his latest hairdryer that turns itself on and off with the touch of a hand. ANI

Facebook slammed for promoting rape culture
Facebook has been accused of promoting rape and "rape culture" by British and American women's rights activists. ANI

Coal mining affected streams in Meghalaya's Jaintia Hills district can be normalized by green algae: Study
Acid Mining Drainage (AMD) affected streams in the Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya could be brought back to normalcy by the use of a type of green algae (microspora quadrata) that helps to remove the toxic metals from those streams, a recent study has found. ANI

How humble earthworms can help save our planet
Earthworms, which have burrowed their way through the ground for 300 million years, have become the latest secret weapon in the war against climate change. ANI

Now, silicon-based technology to make driving safer!
A new radar-chip technology based on silicon promises to make driving safer and less taxing, thus making cars smarter to lead to intelligent roads. ANI

Brain cells 'respond strongly to entire faces rather than obscured ones'
A new study has claimed that the brain cells respond more strongly on seeing a whole face but issue a weaker response when a smaller part of the face is not visible. ANI

Facebook sued over tracking logged out users
A group of users have sued Facebook after it emerged that the social networking giant tracks its users' online activities after they are logged out. ANI

Google opens world's first 'pop-up' store in London
Google, the world's most popular search engine, has opened its first small 'pop-up' store in London. ANI

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