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Technology News on October 18, 2011

Handheld projectors offer new opportunities to gaming fanatics
Video gamers are certainly going to have a completely rejuvenated gaming experience as the next generation of games will probably do away with baffling choice of screens available and switch to handheld projectors instead. ANI

Harnessing amazing power of mind can help beat illnesses
Scientists are turning to the amazing power of the mind to fight against many diseases. ANI

New protein behind aging, cancer identified
Scientists have found a new aging-associated protein known to be involved in cancer. ANI

NASA's Terra spacecraft yields improved topographic map of earth
A significantly improved version of the most complete digital topographic map of Earth has been released, thanks to NASA's Terra spacecraft. ANI

New atlas charts prospects for malaria elimination
A new global atlas offers the first full-colour, detailed depiction of malaria now declining in many parts of the globe, predicting the possibility for the elimination of the disease. ANI

Standard cosmological model of dark matter may be wrong
A new study has suggested that the standard cosmological model about dark matter in the universe may be wrong. ark matter is invisible, betraying its presence only through its gravitational pull. Without dark matter holding them together, our galaxy's speedy stars would fly off in all directions. ANI

OmniTouch turns any surface into multi-touch screen
Researchers at Microsoft Research and Carnegie Mellon University have created a wearable projection system that enables users to turn pads of paper, walls or even their own hands, arms and legs into graphical, interactive surfaces. ANI

Sea levels to rise by 60 cm by 2100
By the year 2100, sea levels will have risen by 60 cm and by another 1.8 meters by the year 2500, researchers have warned. ANI

Kids absorb twice more radiation from cellphones than adults
A new study has revealed that children absorb twice as much microwave radiation from cellphones as adults do. ANI

Is Google planning to launch its own iTunes rival?
Google could be planning an online music store to compete with Apple and Amazon's digital offerings, leaks from music companies have revealed. ANI

Fish oil prevents and slows progression of osteoarthritis
University of Bristol researchers have found for the first time that omega-3 in fish oil could "substantially and significantly" reduce the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis. ANI

'Modern' blade production started much earlier than previously thought
A new discovery by researchers at Tel Aviv University has pushed back the production of sophisticated blade hundreds of thousands of years earlier than originally thought. ANI

Brains enjoy sensual caresses too
While humans enjoy sensual caresses, their brains react just as strongly to seeing another person being caressed, according to new research. ANI

China first to begin domestication of chickens 8,000 years ago
Domestication of chickens began about 8,000 years ago in China, far earlier than in the rest of the world, according to a recent study on fossils uncovered in north China's Hebei Province. ANI

Gene variant ups memory function by brain activation
People who possess a gene variant called KIBRA T allele have better memories via increased brain activation than non-bearers, according to new research. ANI

Richard Branson opens world's first commercial spaceport
Business tycoon Sir Richard Branson has added another accomplishment to his list of gigantic achievements by constructing the first built-from-scratch commercial spaceport. ANI

Perception of car as 'extension of self' leads to aggressive driving
People who view their car as an extension of themselves have stronger aggressive driving tendencies and are more likely to break the law on the road, a new study has revealed. ANI

Bacterium may play role in colorectal cancers
A new study has found strikingly high levels of a bacterium in colorectal cancers, suggesting that it might contribute to the disease and potentially be a key to diagnosing, preventing, and treating it. ANI

Meet 19-fingured 'Teotronico' who plays piano faster than any human being
A robot, which has 19 fingers, is probably the fastest piano payer in the world as it has the ability to play piano faster than any human being. ANI

Early birds originated from tree-dwelling animals
A study on a robot with flapping wings have put weight on the theory that avian flight evolved from tree-dwelling animals, and not from land animals. ANI

New iPhone app helps husband locate cheating wife
An American man used Apple's new 'Find My Friends' App to catch his cheating wife. ANI

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