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Technology News on October 16, 2011

SecondSea is new 'Facebook for surfers'
For the first time, surfers are being able to connect and chat about swell forecasts and share their secret spots, exchange videos and photos - thanks to a website created by an Australian graphic designer.rett Sirianni from Brisbane launched the social networking website called SecondSea, which is being billed as "Facebook for surfers" ANI

College students minimise use of technology when exams hover
A new study has claimed that college students tend to minimise the use of technology when their final exams are around the corner. ANI

New study aims to discover climate link to spread of allergies
Scientists will launch a study to assess global warming's link to spread of allergies in Vienna on Monday. ANI

Harold Camping's new doomsday date: October 21, 2011
The radio preacher who predicted Judgment Day on May 21 says that he stands by his earlier predictions that the world will end on Friday, Oct. 21. ANI

Now, a cotton candy-like glass fiber to heal diabetes wounds
A recent clinical trial on a few diabetics has shown that a cottony glass material could help to speed the healing of wounds. ANI

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