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Technology News on October 15, 2011

Apple's new iPhone finds prostitutes for 'horny' users!
Developers of the Apple's new Siri voice-control system has included a pre-programmed response that brings up contacts for local prostitutes, sorted by how near they are to users using the phone's GPS system. ANI

Genetic code unlocked of world's oldest person who lived to 115
The entire DNA sequence of a Dutch woman who held the title of the world's oldest person when she died, aged 115, could help us understand the biology of aging, scientists say. ANI

Now, virtual changing room allows Internet shoppers to try clothes online
A new fashion website has been introduced that offers made-to-measure styling services so that the buyer can try out the picked clothes by simply entering their measurements. ANI

Women's G-spot, clitoral orgasms originate from same spot
A recent research has claimed that clitoral and G-spot orgasms originate from the same area. ANI

Huge tail muscle made carnotaurus 'speedy'
A meat-eating dinosaur that preyed on its plant-eating neighbours in South America was a lot faster and deadlier than first thought, a University of Alberta researcher has found. ANI

Analysis of 29 mammals reveals 'dark matter' of human genome
By comparing the genomes of 29 different mammals, US scientists have discovered the vast majority of the so-called "dark matter" in the human genome that could explain genetic variability in cancer and other diseases. ANI

Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker's 'drunken fight' outside Hollywood club
Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg reportedly got into an alcohol-fuelled shouting match with Napster co-founder Sean Parker over the site's new ties with Spotify outside a Hollywood club. ANI

One in five BlackBerry users eyeing other phones amid Internet service problems: Survey
One in five BlackBerry phone users are considering dumping their handsets to switch to another supplier because of the ongoing internet service problems at RIM, according to a study. ANI

'Virgin births' may be truly virginal, involving no dad
An eastern diamond rattlesnake recently gave birth to 19 healthy offspring five years after mating. ANI

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