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Technology News on October 13, 2011

Glasgow docs using ultrasound to heal severe fractures
Doctors in Glasgow, which pioneered the use of ultrasound to scan the body, are now using the device to heal broken bones. ANI

How psychopathic killer's own tweets could get him busted
Scientists are trying to discover if we can spot a psychopathic killer using anything he or she has written, from a tweet to a blog post. ANI

Now, wear ultra-realistic 3-D mask of your own face!
Next time when you go out, don't be amused to see photo-realistic carbon copies of your face around you. ANI

'Hot spots' with higher radiation levels detected in Tokyo
Japanese researchers have found high levels of radioactive material in concentrated areas in Tokyo and Yokohama, more than 150 miles away from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant that was crippled by the March 11 earthquake and Tsunami. ANI

Violent video games change brain activity that controls fear, aggression
Shoot 'em up games have regularly come under scrutiny after excessively violent events, with researchers debating whether intense fighting on a flat screen display also result in aggressive behaviour in real life. ANI

Paralysed man uses robotic arm controlled by thought alone
Giving a high five and gently rubbing your girlfriend's hand would seem normal, but it was a miracle for Tim Hemmes, who was paralysed in a motorcycle accident seven years ago. ANI

Naked mole rat genome could help find secret to long and healthy life
Scientists have sequenced the complete genome of the n*ked mole rat to try and understand the animal's extraordinarily long life and good health. ANI

Vaccine for chlamydia comes closer to reality
UK researchers have made a breakthrough in accessing the chlamydial genome and believe it could pave the way for new treatments and the development of a vaccine for the sexually transmitted disease. ANI

How protein-rich diets can help curb hunger pangs
Foods that are rich in protein - eggs, meat and fish for example - are more filling and hence curb overeating, Australian researchers say. ANI

10-year-old kids have natural talent to understand dog barks
Preadolescents, and in particular, 10-year-olds have an outstanding "inherent' ability to decipher dog barks, according to new research. ANI

Google engineer slams company calling Google+ a "pathetic afterthought"
A Google engineer has caused an online stir by posting a long rant slamming the company's new social network as a "pathetic afterthought". ANI

T-rex 'was 30 pc bigger and grew faster than previously estimated'
A new study has found that Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the largest carnivores of all time, was actually bigger and grew faster than scientists had estimated. ANI

Soon, self-animated avatars to help people communicate better
Virtual communication allowed by modern technology usually lacks the body gestures so common in face-to-face interactions. ANI

Mammals reveal millions of new regulatory elements in human genome
By studying the genomes of 29 mammals, an international team of researchers has discovered millions of new regulatory elements in the human genome that in various ways govern how proteins are formed. ANI

New cloaking device 'can erase history' by hiding event in time
US researchers have successfully demonstrated a so-called "history editor" cloaking device that is able to "hide" a singular event in time for 20 trillionths of a second. ANI

Now, skin stem cells to cure genetic liver disease
A team of researchers led by the University of Cambridge and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has developed an alternative to embryonic stem cell therapy that could correct a genetic mutation from a patient's own skin cell, grow it into a healthy liver cell and use them to replace the damaged tissue. ANI

Farmville maker Zynga announces new slate of games as it weans itself off Facebook
Social gaming company and makers of popular game Farmville, Zynga, has announced a new range of games that users would soon be able to play on the developer's own platform rather than on Facebook. ANI

BlackBerry admits 'letting its users down'
Research In Motion Ltd., the Canadian company that makes Blackberry phones has admitted that they are letting their users down as the company has failed to fix their network issues. ANI

Small particle could reveal one of physics' greatest mysteries
A theoretical physicist has proposed that experiments with a small particle called a deuteron could reveal one of the greatest mysteries of physics: the imbalance of matter and antimatter in the universe. ANI

Adequate vitamin D levels critical to body's fight against TB
Vitamin D is not just important for building strong bones, but also plays an essential role in the body's fight against infections such as tuberculosis, according to scientists. ANI

People with a 'sweet tooth' really are 'kinder'
A new study has found people who like tucking into chocolates and other confectionery delights, tend to be kinder, are more likely to do favours for others and help out in the community. ANI

Mars used to be warmer and wetter than it is now
US researchers have determined the surface temperature of early Mars for the first time, providing evidence consistent with a warmer and wetter Martian past. ANI

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