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Technology News on October 10, 2011

Novel technique uses RNA interference to block harmful inflammations
Scientists have found a way to block the damaging inflammation that contributes to many disease conditions in an animal model. ANI

Biodiversity recovered faster than thought after Permo-Triassic extinction
Two University of Rhode Island researchers have found evidence that reveals terrestrial biodiversity recovered much faster after mass extinction, which occurred between the Permian and Triassic periods, than previously thought. ANI

Giant 'mythological' Kraken might have actually existed
Long before whales, the oceans of Earth were roamed by a very different kind of air-breathing leviathan. ANI

Soon, graphene's 'Big Mac' to replace silicon chips in computers
Scientists who discovered graphene, have for the first time demonstrated how the "Big Mac" - a four-layered structure, could be the key to replacing the silicon chip in computers. ANI

Oz companies paying shoppers to spy on staff, competitors using iPhone's 'Field Agent'
Tech savvy shoppers in Australia are being paid by companies to spy on their retail staff and monitor their competitors using iPhone's recently launched application 'Field Agent.' ANI

Being too optimistic linked to brain's 'faulty' function
Researchers have found that people who are very optimistic about the outcome of events tend to learn only from information that reinforces their rose-tinted view of the world, and is related to 'faulty' function of their brains' frontal lobes. ANI

Small molecule reduces cancer cell growth by starving them
A new study has discovered a small molecule that can block autophagy - a mechanism that allows cells in our body handle cellular waste and release building blocks for recycling - in cancer cells. ANI

3 new faulty genes behind deadly skin cancer identified
Scientists have uncovered three new genetic faults, which increase the risk of developing deadly skin cancer by 30 per cent. ANI

Google, Samsung's android update delayed 'out of respect' for late Steve Jobs
Google and Samsung have delayed the launch of their new product out of respect for Apple's visionary founder Steve Jobs, who recently died after a long battle with cancer. ANI

Colossal gamma-ray bursts could be lethal for life on earth
A new research has suggested that the massive explosions, termed as gamma-ray bursts, taking place on the other side of the galaxy have the power to devastate life on earth. ANI

Women as young as 18 resorting to online sperms after failed relationships
New statistics have shown that women as young as 18 are turning to internet sperm donors to become mothers after failing to find the man of their dreams has increased. ANI

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